Friday, January 25, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 Collab Review

Devil May Cry IV Demo Teaser PreviewMulitplatform - PlayStation 3 / Xbox360 1/24/08

Introduction - Bring the player up to speed
Devil May Cry branched out on the PS2, in the 2k rush. At the helm, "kicking ass and taking names" along with Dante; a pre-requisite bounty hunter for hire. Taking novelty, and a unique spin on action games (think Ghost n' Goblins meets Castlevania). During its run, it opened up the door for sequels, and some spots in other games.

(*Dante has been featured in Viewtiful Joe & Shin Megami Tensei) Aside from guest appearances, we ventured along with Dante; and even a few bumps in the road.
Devil May Cry I - 101 for Hire, and takedown of Sparta. Devil May Cry II - Misstep in direction, but bringing along a new friendDevil May Cry III - Origins; and a tango with his brother Virgil; Devil May Cry IV - "Let's Rock!"

- Nero's characteristic's (in demo)
White glistening hair, great smile, and charm. Wait, we're playing this guy? Yes, yes you are. While we don't know too much right off the bat, the demo takes a player on a tour throughout the city. Oddly enough Nero takes a bit of incentive from Dante (think of Anakin, with Obi-wan). Although this is a taste, he's a bit of a hothead.

+Gameplay (1st)
Welcome to the demo, and to get Nero's feet wet; get used to your surroundings. Depending on the mode being played; "Time Attack", or Sub-Mission mode. (*if you manage to zip through Time Attack, there's a chance to take on Brial) A key incentive is to just try everything, and acquaint to Nero's "style". Overall, he plays alot like Dante; just with more "punk" mixed in. And one more thing, this demo is tough, and will knock Nero on his ass!

++Main Focus - Characters - Hero vs Enemies
Just like the past games, see enemy = fight. Don't ask questions, just do it. Here its just a taste, with a few nasty snacks; and desert at the end. But your approach is a bit more hostile, (*note Nero's attitude here). Its alot like Viewitful Joe's "light vs dark side" running parallel. Both main characters have a different perception of their opponents, and there's a key bit of tude' Nero tosses in all directions.

+Modes Along the way during this mission, Nero will obtain all sorts of abilities. From seeing old friends like the Red & Gold orb, to a new "devil bringer"; which evolves after he's obtained key items. Every which way Nero goes, there will be hidden items lying somewhere; so keep your eyes open.

From the get-go, town / to city / snowed area / Castle Ruins? The biggest jump, is how far apart these areas may just be in-game. Although for a test run, its creates a fun rush thats re-playable limitlessly.

+Missions / Time Attack
At the start, Nero is just starting out depending which mode is chosen. "Time Attack" mode runs off a timer with a 10 minute clock running at a nightmarish speed. More enemies will appear, take them out fast as possible. (*In time attack, the mission begins in the city, and ends in the Snow Castle Ruins) In Mission mode, Nero gets used to his surroundings, and even picks up a few upgrades along the way.

(In Mission mode, it plays throughout the Snow Castle Ruins) And last but not least, Berial, this humongous centaur / dog demon greets with you a passion. Actually he just wants to wipe Nero's smile off his face.

-Controls (2nd)+Difference from PS2 - to PS3 & 360 (with Renee')
From analog, to sixaxis; the changes aren't that different. Its still the same DMC you know and love, just with a different controller. +Balance"Practice makes perfect", and this saying still holds true. Although its on two different platforms, the setup is still the same. But with more flexibility; timing is also pretty precise. +FunctionalityPurely flexible, but takes some getting used to on the 360.

On the PS3, it should feel the same as PS2, but with even more balance. Wire combo attacks are in full effect, yet it requires a bit more timing. So when you see those combo breakers appear, keep going; you might find different ways to unlock Nero's potential.

Nero moves, it moves, DMC4's cam is free flowing right beside Nero every step of the way. But sometimes in the demo, it finds itself stuck in some places.
(1 - when facing a horde of enemies in a closed space, it loses track of Nero for a second.
(2 - It has wide range along the playing field, just stay in motion, and it locks back on Nero.

-Visuals (3rd) +In Motion
From every step Nero takes, its a fluid animation. Every "slice", "dice", and gunkata; it feels like love making to a console. Better yet, this is a demo at its finest. Plus Nero's animations just "lift" him off the screen, alot like Dante "his predecessor". In addition, the enemies come in lush colors, as does Berial with its "sexy" flames of sweetness.

There is not just one way to define Devil May Cry, it has always delivered in numerous ways. From 1-4, each gave a variety of ideas, and visuals on where the series could go next. And with 4 it shines, even with just a taste; its a beautiful game from the get-go.

+Interior & Exterior (Backgrounds + in-play)
Take a minute to just look around, admire the scenery; or buildings. Everything around Nero is reachable, touchable, or destructable. In buildings, the designs just come to life, with glistening backgrounds; to decorations. For some more kicks, it looks like this is the Havok engine. Which means.. yup from items to enemies, get ready for some fun juggling.

-Audio (4th)+Action / Re-action
Music interactivity is something of the norm these days, and the demo gives a little tease. Within each area, are target points; from facing enemies, to direct cutscenes. Therein, lies a moment where the music draws the player in; and pulls back when it comes to a "fight". A bit more like a set of dominoes, from start to finish.

City scape, to Snow Ruins; the place is alive with vibrant sounds. There is not one place without atmospheric effects surrounding Nero. Within the city, its more of a citadel; and epic orchestral vibe that is mixed synergy stuck in a nightmare. Until the enemies show up, then the "Brawl!" theme kicks up, and delivers a luscious combo. Overall its a pretty sweet mix of sounds & music put together in a little package.

If you have a surround sound setup, or sweet headphones; turn those babies up! Don't keep it low, c'mon show some love. Even as a demo, the soundtrack delivers a swift punch, there's no denying it will be sweet.

- Wrapping up
+Give reasons why gamers should pick this game up.
1) DMC fans will have one hell of a great time playing this
2) There is a choice between two consoles. How could anyone pass that up?
3) DMC has always been about pure fun, and a challenge.
4) Buy this !

+Does it matter which console? Aside from the format, or size of the demo; nothing really. Both are the same game; just the controller is the only difference.Otherwise, both sides of the coin are enjoying DMC4. (*even though as a demo, it does give players an idea of what it will be like)Look for this badboy to hit shelves February 5th!!

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