Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trance Into REZ

Awhile back, a Dreamcast / PS2 title called "REZ", produced by Miz (Tetsuya Mizuguchi). *with a huge amount of past gaming credits, from Sega Rally - Space Channel 5. Even though we've moved past such consoles, and in our current gen; video games altogether went the next level in expression. Before, we could only imagine being in-sync with music, let alone control it.

With games like DDR, Guitar, and the like, the idea was a device for entertainment alone. Everyone wanted to be something, yet missed the point; becoming one with the game. There are very few games that actually take the notion of a Zen-like state, and take you on a journey you'll never forget. REZ is that game altogether.

When I picked up a Dreamcast back in late 99', I waited a bit till more games found a part of my library. Few years passed, and it all came together, yet I missed something. Later, I borrowed a friend's copy of REZ (import only?) hmm that was strange. *had to borrow their console too, it was alright; they were going on vacation. Lo & behold I begin playing, and immersed in colors, let alone a dark room with volume at a comfortable level. I achieved zen that weekend, something I could never forget.

But you ask, "What is this journey?" 1) Self-indulgence, 2) Calming of the soul & spirit, 3) Meditation, 4) Balance. How does a game console the player? It depends on the individual playing the game itself. Not only do the colors give a unique texture, but a mix of sights & sounds that give your senses a warm hug. Some might say its a "musical shmup", and the thing is they are right.

*note- even though the nod of the Trance Vibrator being used in creative ways. The product was meant to stimulate a listeners emotional connection. Ok, so it wasn't a stretch, but people were pretty clever

Looking back, and now forward; we haven't really pushed the envelope with in-game music design. Actually I feel that we've taken a step back. Take a glance @ how many music games have influence on sales. Do they have a real purpose besides being overpriced? Sure they're entertaining, but they don't have a connection that a game like REZ contained.

*fun note- during the promo content through the official REZ-urrection site
I was one of the lucky few that won the game free. This happened during my birthday, the 30th of January. Gotta admit, its definitely a gift I will not forget.

I honestly hope we'll see another game akin to REZ, so who knows just what the future may hold. If REZ can make a comeback in the gaming industry, maybe a creative revolution could follow.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 Review

Devil May Cry 4 Review
Multiplatform - PS3 / 360 / PC (coming soon)

Be sure to check out my friend Brukaoru's take on the DMC4.
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Greetings fellow traveler, I, the Jester will be your guide. Turns out the gang didn't want to bring me back in 4. Tsk tsk. On that accord I bid thee safe journey, its going to be one hell of a trip.

=Delivery (Or so the story goes)
Newcomer goody-goody Nero is in the spotlight this time around. At the start of this musical en trade', he is amongst a group called "The Order", a set of knights that protect the holy grounds of the land. During a ceremony, old boy Dante decides to pay a visit. From there, Nero is going to be set against perils that longtime fans will be comfy with.

Some of my new buddies have also joined the battle. So I'll let them take over from here..

Ah a human, welcome to this realm, Berial here. This land is bountiful, and I am glad to have stayed here this long. From roaming cities, to countryside, and a plentiful forest. But the Ice Castle isn't a place for someone like myself, Brr.
So a tour is what Jester told you? ah.. well my area is amongst the midtown gates, towards a village, unto a mine. Its pretty comfy, but I do get a nice view of the stars. Now to my comrades Bael & Dagon.

"Puny creature! What is it? Oh, the castle, its a nice place. Beautiful mountains, our humble home, and the graveyard."
(Bael) "Hey do they know about us?"(Dagon) "No brother, I don't think so."(Bael) "Oh, and by the way our tendrils do things.."(Dagon) "Let's not tell them that."(Bael) "Oh alright.. poo"(Dagon)

My children, the plants, the creatures, and.. the Lost Woods. My humble home has nay been disturbed for many years. Until those two waltzed in with their fancy swords and gusto. How can they take on me? The she-viper, mother to this land. On that accord, my children are warriors, even the Chimera have my blessing to take you down. (evil laugher)

Welcome friend, pardon the mess of this place. Every thing's gone into chaos, thankfully my sister, and Nero are alright. I am Credo, first leader of the Knights of the Order. Things are amiss, something isn't quite right. So I sent Nero out to find a reason for this mess. But in turn, many battles will be fought, lives lost.. and I feel upset thinking about it.
Tis here is Headquarters, a huge base meant to protect the people. Therein it is a secret society only open to those who are wielders for the good of everyone. Good of spirit, and noble in heart. Safe journey.

Ah, be careful with my books, I the bookworm Agnus. There is not a journal, nor book that does not contain enough knowledge about this place. Oh you've heard about our holy land already? From whom? Them!? What!? And not me!? This is an o-o-o-outrage! (stomps feet and whines like a baby)

(Holy temple..) Sanctus isn't here right now. Wait how did you get here!? Ah they let you, welcome. Thank you for being amongst use in this time of dire peril. Have you come to worship "The Savior?" We have plenty of collectibles, to bobble heads, and dvds.

Oh you've come for the jukebox? Ah a fine piece of novelty. We have a fine choice of choir motifs, to dramatic auras. Plus a bit of rocking battle music, don't tell them I said that. Overall, there is a plethora of tunes for every mood, excitement, and energy. There is zen here. Please enjoy.

Good ol pizza. Yo, welcome to the office! I take it you've met my lovely co-workers Trish & Lady. Good. Good.
So what do you wanna know? Ah how the controls works. Alright. Well I can tell you this, both consoles play the same way. But the camera is a little fixated at times, you'll get used to it. Button setup is pretty easy, plus you can change your settings or keep it at default. Along the way you'll help me, and that kid Nero learn some new moves. Most of all, practice, practice.

=From one to the next
Just passing by Dante's office, funny I never knew about this place before. Hey, I'm Nero the new guy. I have lived within the old town for a long while. Come to think of it, i never left it behind. Something how I become the new shoes, and take up the mantle. By the way, I hope the trip wasn't too bumpy. Take your time and explore this place, you never know what can be found.

=Another Day @ the Office (Wrapping up)
Hey you met the new kid, nice. Well I think about says it all. After all was said and done, I think you'll like it here buddy. Wanna chill out and have some pizza with us? Its on me. Oh and one more thing, just keep an eye out for those other worldly critters. Overall, enjoy your stay here with us. And thanks for becoming a team member, we need new faces, so invite your friends to come along this crazy ride. For now, see ya.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Devil May Crybaby

My copy of DMC4 has arrived (via Gamefly). Time to start playing!
*I will be working alongside my friend Brukaoru, in a team-up review. (coming soon!)
Expect the unexpected, and more fun surprises.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Red Queen

Hey gang, just giving fellow Dante fans a headsup. DMC4 has finally hit store shelves.
Be sure to look for an upcoming collaboration review; from my friend Brukaoru @
And my take on the 360 version of the game. Coming soon!