Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Re-Examining Metal Gear

When you see the logo, or hear someone speak of the title; you just know. "Snaaaaaaaake!"
Its something how many years this series vitality has lasted. From a 2D game of "hide n' seek", to the epic 3D missions that took the PSX to a forefront never explored before. There are very few gaming series' that actually push each definitive console to inspired limits.

Note: this is not a timeline, but a note of admiration to a diverse series that defied storytelling.

Looking ahead, we're finally near a 4th, and possibly a closing chapter in the Solid saga. With several ports, to a few remakes; plus exclusive entries there is much to be said about MGS.

In these days of "nextgen", many take heart or for granted what gaming means to them. No matter the console, if you enjoy games; let it be so. Aside from console exclusivity, and the first time the PS3 has bumped into a wall. MGS4 is redefining what "taking the next step" truly means.

So if you ever have a few free hours for some r&r, pop in your copy of any MGS. Indulge yourself, and you will be glad you did.

Btw, KP Report session #082 arrived last week. http://mp.i-revo.jp/user.php/kp-ryan/entry/165.html

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