Monday, April 14, 2008

Gaming Treasures - P.N.03

-Gaming Treasures is a gaming article segment that I feel glad to share about, regarding some neat treasures in my gaming collection. This is the first article for this new part of my gaming blog. Hope you enjoy.

(this is a work in progress article, screenshots to come later)

- P.N.03 (Product Number 03)
PN03 was a game under the "Production Studio 4" or "Big 5" from Capcom's inside studios. Various producers in the industry took part (fathers of Devil May Cry, to Resident Evil; and many more). At the time, the helm was actually severed, and only a few of the projects remained in tact; one of these was PN03.

-"Dancing Shooter"
What began as a concept for Devil May Cry, actually was a test game for another system. Using the same engine, gave SM (Shinji Mikami) & his team a different perspective with the Nintendo GameCube. *footnote: Hideki Kamiya was @ the helm of his own project, named Viewtiful Joe (Mikami & Kamiya also co-directed Resident Evil & other Capcom titles in the past)

Also directly known as a "Robot War Shooter", but Mikami's view wasn't settled. Codename "Jaguar" was looked over as the main femme' fatale was catlike in her way of design. Vanessa Z. Schneider, is the woman behind this game, with moves that are swift, sexy, and graceful. Taking you on a mission to stop renegade A.I. from causing more chaos to outside forces (and some revenge for wrongdoings in her "past").

(PN03 is also somewhat of a nod to Metroid), Mikami liked the idea of playing a character aside from male, thus a female one was chosen instead. *including some designs from one of the team members, an illustrator who also agreed for a female lead. **Vanessa is not modeled after anyone in particular, she' s an original character.. but she does look alot like Resident Evil's - Jill Valentine.

- You're not the boss of me
Set within a far off planet, as Vanessa you clean up what's been left behind. In a facility not manned by humans, but A.I. *in spirit, a a bit reminiscent of "Ghost in the Shell's - Motoko Kusanagi". Along the way you gain new suits + functionality (new abilities). The gameplay design is reminiscent of a classic shmup but with added "spirit" & "energy" behind it from start to finish.

In addition, it also resembles a bit of Devil May Cry, with a lock-on feature enabled. But instead of using a sword or gun (*this was to be an additional weapon, but was later dropped); you used concussive blasts encapsulated within your very suit. With that said, every motion, attack, or fluidity, is all in your control. But like DMC, this game can be a bit challenging, moreso its a fun diversion from what's out there.

- You Look Devine
Make no mistake, music is a driving force behind any game. With this one, its your motivation, when you go to the beat, Vanessa's reaction will be in-step. Just follow through, and you'll see something diverse to keep up with. PN03's soundtrack is composed by Shusaku Uchiyama, & Makoto Tomozawa (V. Tomozoh) *both composers have been behind some of the most well known Capcom game soundtracks, from Megaman to Resident Evil.

- One More Beat
When I first picked up this game, I wasn't sure what to expect. At the time, I was thirsting for something new; so I glanced over and found this game. Only to find out that its something of a "hidden treasure". I haven't seen anything quite like it, and not sure if I will again. It is definitely a humbling game, for those who enjoy Devil May Cry's archetype design, they will get a kick out of this game.

What did I enjoy most? Seriously, the game overall is a neat part of my library. Although I haven't unlocked all of the suits, it is simply fun to watch Vanessa move so swiftly (*while avoiding laser fire, or insane traps). For the most part, its an original title with a bit of spunk. I really wish this game would be brought back, but sadly its one of those titles alot of gamers looked over.

(*Nintendo's Seal of Quality) - Now this is something worth seeing on a game package like this. Gamers that have grown up with fun titles since day one, know it meant something. But during the past couple of years, its been a struggle. And I say this with heart, this game is like a hug you've been wanting for a long time. I sincerely hope that anyone that reads this, considers picking up this game. Whether it be used, or new, you will find something here. And who knows, it may show up again someday.

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Brukaoru said...

I watched those vids on the official site. The game does look pretty interesting. I see on metacritic that the game had mixed reviews, kinda makes me wonder how such scores can compare so drastically. (A 91 down to a 30? Big difference!)

I will definitely look for this in the future. :D

ScreenWriterMan said...

That is definitely something really cool. The gaming treasures idea is a great one.