Thursday, February 4, 2010

Music review - BT - These Hopeful Machines

Beginnings -
As a music listener, I grew up listening to the local radio stations in San Jose, CA. At the time, it was mostly pop, rock, and some country. But once I received a game for a gift, and the midi soundtrack involved so much influence in its structure and design. Metroid, an NES classic that contained atmospheric intensity, and so many dynamics even from a simple design at the time. Now games are full fledged movies, with integral decisions for us to make.

Where are you now?
As I grew older, my music & gaming interests grew tenfold. Once I bought a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog for the SEGA Genesis, the music changed progressively. Later in my life, I found out that some of Michael Jackson’s audio producers offered rights to remixed, and re-edited versions of various songs for Sonic 2&3 which featured some diverse beats never before in videogames.

Sometime later, in the mid 90’s I stumbled upon an early BT record. I listened briefly and reminisced how far music has come. It took me back to my NES days, and I just smiled. I needed to dive into this new phase of sound, something no one else in my mind, has ever been able to compose such beautiful melodies.

On 2/2, I went on a trek to find a somewhat local store that would carrty THM. Sadly Best Buy did not have it avaiable, I found out that another store named ZIA Records actually had copies. Purchased, listened, and smiled again. THM is so well collected, it feels like the perfect soundtrack to someone’s life.

Just last night I went through the past BT album’s in my collection to find out that the liner notes from 10 Years in the Life had some funny notes. And then when you look through THM’s cover / art gallery, it boasts so much imagination, it makes you smile every time you look at it.

music’s past and future. I have never felt more positive about things around me until I found out about the collected mind of BT. Just listening to every melody takes your mind to fun and interesting places, this is definitely not an album to miss, but enjoy like the lives we go through everyday.

THM now available!

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