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Review - American on Purpose -

- Late Owl
Its 11:35pm in your area, then some character ablazes the screen with energy & pizazz. (and I do mean emphasis on the word "pizazz") There is no other talk show like it, nor is the talk show host himself like anyone you have ever seen before, or read of. This is an "Ode to a Scotsman".

- September 5 years ago
I remember watching late night tv talk shows every summer, when I wasn't in school as a young lad. But as I grew older, my attention grew more towards late night shows. Something about being able to break through tv, wherein after David Letterman was that Craig Killborn guy. Mind you, I never really understood why he hosted the "Late Late Show" to begin with. Too much of his hair, and some phony persona. Was it a knock on another late night host? Pretty sure it was.. but 2005 it all changed.

As a longtime "Drew Carey" fan I find myself noticing a familiar face. And then was hooked, and so my conscience said to me, "Craig Ferguson is a character & delight to keep up with every night". No longer was he some extra talent on another show, or dealt with tough criticism. *For those that have seen some of Craig's work, "Saving Grace" is one you can't miss.*

The Late Late Show no longer felt humdrum, and then came along the mention of a book. But the book? The life story!? It might be awhile till we get to read it.

- American on Purpose 2009
For awhile I kept trying to hunt down a copy of the book, but never could find it. Till I found out a local library here in Marana / Tucson, AZ carried a copy. And waited.. thankfully I read the book and it is totally worth the wait.

And here is the review (written in a non-sequitter fashion)-

Life, music, talent, and energy. Those four words altogether describe the individual known as Craig Ferguson. From the land of Glasgow, facing challenges everyday; from a young kid to an unknown destiny. To "running the gauntlet", or taking a sip of some strange brew that would take over his life.

Family - to Craig this is one of the core points of his livelihood. From his mother & father, older brother & sis, to his baby sister (whom is also a writer for the "Late Late Show"). Its his inspiriation, and challenges that kept him going. Including his son, Milo who is another chapter of his life. *And not to forget the women in his life, to the "stepping stones", and the one whom he shares his life with now.

As a talented character Craig has seen some fallouts. Not only from his musical background, but to films, directing, writing, and producing. Some were successes, and others were failures. Each though taught him a lesson "to keep on going".

"American On Purpose" is a must own book, for those that enjoy a different take from a late night / talented character. (available in hardcover & paperback)

To learn more about Craig's acting, writing, and directing career visit his IMDB page

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