Monday, January 31, 2011

Music in My Soul

So the Grammys are 2 weeks away (where did the time go?)

Turns out a lot of familiar names might not be receiving kudos this time around. But one in particular actually is receiving an awesome nomination... his first!

Although I may love every genre out there, electronica / dance / techno has always been thought to be "thump-da-da-da--thump-dee=da=do". One ongoing beat, akin to "Ace of Base" which were notorious for the most insane idea to make a song. But hey they had to make a buck.
(note AoB was an example, but they honestly had something going there)

In the mid 90's a young fellow by the unknown name of BT hit the scene. From Deep Dish (not the pizza) but an actual production team, BT was the third musketeer. From then on, he kept going, producing new idea(s) taken from his childhood, being creative and making music come to life like never before. It wasn't your typical "house" or "trance" sound either, but an ecletic plethora of sounds you would never expect to be embraced in song.

Learn more of his phenomenal story @

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