Thursday, July 14, 2011

Re-examine a hedgehog

Just this past Monday, I started taking Psychology as a pre-requisite class towards my major being Massage Therapy. And it made me wonder, about the color grade concept. For the longest time I've wondered if Sonic the Hedgehog was intentionally made "blue". According to some studies, the color "blue" is stimulation, or free-spirit, always in motion.

Ever since I found myself interested in the medium of video games. Colors were always meant to express the development team's thoughts. What makes a hero? Or a villain? Since day one, the blue hedgehog was always non-stop, while a human (wearing a definitive red outfit, and boots) donning a menacing mustache and grin.

I may have found my subject for a final paper, although it may seem a bit off-beat going with a discussion towards a video game character's color concept. Maybe it might be worth trying, since I do have a lot to say about the topic.

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