Friday, August 5, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

After hearing about a certain film series, I checked out the trilogy. Due to homework, I never got a chance to watch them since I found them from the library. Watched the first film with my parents, oddly enough its not your typical murder mystery / hush-hush film. Wait the library?! Holy..

So onto the first film, at first you follow some journalists integrity downfall. Only to be held by a lock of 2 months to find out if there was some truth. Enter Lisbet (a gothic) firecracker who is a bit of a mystery herself. This film is very dark, entangled with more twists than most American films right now. (and lots of risque moments that will make any viewer cringe)

I understand I may be a bit behind, but this film is not easy to find. That aside, its definitely a film series worth watching. Going to view part 2 later today.

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