Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spider-man - Edge of Time (prelude)

So from the start, things are not going so well. 2099 foresees ASM's death at the hands of Anti-Venom.
Miguel has to stop the future from changing the past. But doesn't quite make it in time. Now the present is wrapped into a Alchemex present. Peter and Miguel race time to... still trying to work it out.

So far..gameplay is consistent, controls are solid, upgrades show up as you play more.
Challenges are unlocked depending on your actions. And sequences move onward, depending on how well you proceed. (btw obtaining energy orbs reminds me of Pac-man!) Oh and the hallowed lab walls in Alchemex makes me feel like I'm playing PN03!? Seriously they went there, I'm not kidding.

*Music = excellent, voice work = solid. Loving this game.

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