Sunday, March 18, 2012

SFXT mini review

Street Fighter X Tekken
Multiplatform – PS3 + 360
Release – early 2012
Genre – Fighting / MMA

Origins – Once started as a bet between two producers, it became a title that many fans were drawn towards. It was a dream match planned unlike any other game for years. Finally in 2010 & 11 we were teased with a sample of tag-teams, and a gem system.  Lo and behold an old rivalry is finally set. But does the collaboration work?

Insert coins – From the get-go, players are introduced to a tutorial with Professor Dan. Giving the player the choice to learn the in-game setup and play styles. Right after all the options is up to you. Play arcade / story mode and find out where your fighters destinies lie. (Oddly enough the pairings regulate with characters from the same universe, not in crossover mode. As far as I’ve learned, later updates are changing that.)

+ Neat setup with characters!

Gem system – Depending on what you decide, there are quick combos, cancels / super cancels, stronger attacks, or easy combos (etc) Sadly its not all open, or unlockable, the more expanded gems are going to be DLC only. Which frankly sucks…

Color custom (cough) half customizable with limited options, (like SFIV had the ability to just add colors). Here in SFXT, it can be customized to one’s liking, but with a limited palette. Oh and btw DLC will have costumes that players have to pay for. And can switch outfits with other characters.

Why is this review short? Well.. its fun, but it feels limited with letting players mesh the two universes together. Some team ups have different round end quotes. In-game OST is alright, but it feels empty with a few consecutive tunes, but rival themes only play rarely near the end.  Plus the endings kinda feel like a head scratcher. They feel empty, but contain some tidbits as a “what if” scenario. Or some for comedic relief..
I didn’t get the chance to play every team. But from what I did play, it felt like a title that was worth playing. Its just the compromise of pushing for DLC, and not being able to unlock anything frankly bites.

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