Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Assassins Creed III Review

Assassins Creed III
Ubisoft – AC Team

In the beginning AC began as a test project of allowing players to divulge through time and space.
Within each chapter of the AC series, they touch on important events in world history. AC3 covers deeper into what becomes of the factions behind the founding of the United States. However those choices have ramifications, further in AC3 this one is based on actual history that unraveled the United States forever. Not just the past, but the present, Desmond and his team find themselves having to saving the world from the dreaded “end of 2012” predicition with the aid of past, present, and future.

Players are introduced to Desmond, the keyholder of the “Apple of Eden” device. Its energy channels through time and space, giving its users untapped knowledge. (but from the intro it displays that this might be the end of series?)

Like the past chapters in AC, players are introduced through a set of virtual reality tests. Given procession and well chosen moves they begin their journey. (Oddly enough there is no quick intro, its done in real time, so it takes some getting used to.)

Mission 1 – Snag and run – Introduced via the classic opera house where many a play be done. Finding your way in and out is not hard, it’s the balancing act of being stealthy. Once done, you move onward.
(this game does not hold your way, just like the past games. If you mess up, you restart before the error was made)

Haytham – a nobleman who travels across the world and seas (his story has yet to be revealed) However he is tied to the crusade of Assassins that protect humanity. Speaking of the said seas, the 2nd mission unfolds as your quest goes across the waters towards your next heading.

What I have found unique about this series, is that it unfolds around you. Not just throwing so many cutscenes in your direction but it flows along with your progression.

Further into the story, you eventually take on the Mantle as Connor (Haytham’s son). On his journey: setting things right, vesting on Boston and further beyond the hills. However he Is not alone, as he undergoes training to become a member of the Assassins and finds out more hidden truths. (In turn the player also learns a bit more of the unraveling history that actually happened.) While in the real world, you piece together clues on how to prevent an unfathomable pretext to happen.

AC3 is a solid title that isn’t quite a game, but a guide through history that still has more to share. If you’ve played the past entries this completes the trilogy as far as we know. But anything is possible.

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