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Devil May Cry HD Collection
Pipeworks + DMC Dev Team 2012

Many years ago, a crew from the Biohazard developers team designed a new concept. Mixing up horror with science fiction, and action all rolled into one. Players would delve into dark worlds playing a hunter named Dante (named after the lead character within Dante’s Devine Comedy) *which for literature readers or historians is by far not an actual comedy, just the title is misleading. During the turning point of Dante’s adventures, he comes to realize he’s not alone, with others like him in the world, venturing to find out their identity. With one exception, his father is the one who put all of the monsters away.

DMC Chapter 1 -
Back in 2001, DMC was first brought to live as part of the Resident Evil series. In fact, using the same engine: (enclosed spaces, and limited range of whereabouts, until finding lock and key). Oh, and the game was notoriously difficult (unless you decided to play easy mode).  Overall it’s a challenging title, but with many expectations from people who loved something difficult.  Another most loved aspect of the first entry in this captivating series, is just being to let loose.

DMC Chapter 2 – (the left behind child of the trilogy)
So a sequel was in order, but the producers of the original weren’t allowed to make it again. I still wonder why Capcom has such issues. So in regards, Dante returns with a new ally Lucia (who is a remnant of a lost set of hunters) their mission is to stop the end of the world. (plus this chapter is regarded as too easy). But its redeemable quality is that its actually set later in the series… Dante’s much older and ready to hang up his sword.  Oddly enough this game came out during this reviewer’s birthday, what are the odds..

DMC Chapter 3 – Dante’s Awakening
In the 3rd piece of the complete sonata, Dante’s origins are finally unlocked. But his brother Virgil is also along for the ride. Along with a new partner Lady (who aims to end her evil’s fathers powers of bringing creatures from the other side) In fact, Lady is a fallen angel’s daughter.. and that’s all that can be said. Why? Well that would give too much away.

Oh, and the difficulty level is amped up! And this is where the series hits its stride in both level, music, and character design. In fact, it doesn’t feel like a PS2 game… it was ahead of its time.

DMC4 – Dan-ero
As far as fans know, the last actual chapter was DMC4. Released on Xbox360, and PS3 (and PC) for those keeping track. Balancing out everything that made the series work. DMC4 mixes it up letting players take the helm of a Holy Knight named Nero. Oddly enough this new hero may be the lost brother to Dante.. but many fans weren’t happy with the fact that we could only play the badass a quarter of the game. That bump aside, DMC4 still dished out some sweet justice with a bevy of difficulty levels that would make a puppet blush.

But wait there’s more! So a somewhat new team is assembling a new DmC. Sad part is, its no longer with the crew that’s worked on past games. In spirit it will retain the same inertia, and energy that brought the series to life. On the bright side, the series will keep going. But time will tell if this “reboot” may actually work. From the teaser trailers, it dishes the same madness the past games retained. But with some things missing… we’ll find out more next year.

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