Sunday, September 22, 2013

Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands (2010) Multiplatform

Before the end of the Prince's quest back home to Babylon, a far off land required aid to repair its lost battles. Lost to time, this land was once a prominent part of history, now lost to the sands, the Prince once again embarks on a quest to set things right.

With the help of a D'jinn, our hero reluctantly catches up with his brother Malick (who in turn is trying to recover the lost treasures from King Solomon's tombs). But there lies a power locked away within, and once tapped, the two must work together to put a stop to this essence before it corrupts the world (or one of them).

Like past entree's, TFS utilizes the heroes "sand" powers with the elements of "Earth", "Fire", "Water", and "Wind". All of these combined help the Prince find his way past various obstacles, and upgrade these abilities throughout his quest. Using XP points, gained by beating various enemies, or completing objectives, these can be used in the powers upgrade menu.

Every ability can be maxed to its potential, however once your enertia runs out, it must be refilled. By breaking containers left around, or by taking enemies down. This is only way your abilities can be reused,

The main goal of this chapter is to guide the title character from A to B. Unlike Warrior Within, there is no alternate ending, no way to change the pathway. (or is there?) It is up to you to find out where the story goes next.

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