Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are You Ready!? Bustah wooolf!

Recently went through some of my arcade fighting games on the XBOX. And I find it humbling, that they are still challenging. From KOF to DOA, the rebound always surprises me. But I also find a lot of newer stuff lacking in the "design" department. I have to be honest, I was never much of a 3D fighting game fan to begin with. I actually felt some were too hard to enjoy. Either it was the design of some titles, or just the controls; it felt bizarre.

Whenever I take the dive to play a 2D game, you get that thought in the back of your mind. "Hey this is what I remember, but why can't I do this as well in the other one?" Its something that's bugged me with KOF MI, just something about it feels "hit & miss".

Not too long ago, I heard some mean critique towards DOA. "this game is a joke @ tourneys" why? I try to look up reasons why, but it seems like a solid enough game (1 - easy controls , 2 - pick up n' play, 3 characters you get attached to, 4 its challenging vs another player) Er what's more to ask from a fighting game than that? For myself, I'm not much of a pro player, but I do enjoy playing against others. *Although Live feels a bit limited, being so used to playing against another person beside me.

Ever since games have become more of a push to obtain Online connectivity. I find something missing in SNK's titles, no one's online. Or its just difficult to match up against others, which is kinda disorienting. If SNK or MS could get the kinks out, playing others shouldn't be this much of a hassle. (sigh) we haven't seen a new SNK game in awhile on a MS system.. hell we don't even know about XII's release.. (we didn't even see XI on the Xbox)

I look through my gaming library in a humble manner, because its something I am truly proud of. Even though I haven't purchased a new title in months, it doesn't bug me. Its just the way things are lately, that make it challenging to decide on buying a game period. Although SFIIHDRMX is somewhere.. I dunno I'm still skeptical with retouching a game like that. Just going to have to wait, and see, right.

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