Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Re-examine - MGS

Ghosts, origins, allies, enemies.. and of course an identity crisis "Who Am I"
When you look around, just about everyone & everything wanders through life, figuring out who they really are. But when a game, no a masterpiece, questions those things when you're "enjoying it as a game". Awhile back, most games were mostly from getting to point a to b, till rpgs & action titles surfaced. From then on it became a test of survival, and proving yourself to the end.

Synonymous with theories, conspiracies, and even beliefs. MGS has always been one of those series that defines the human texture of "inspiration", to "protecting one's humanity". So who is the real enemy? Your brother, or yourself? Or someone completely inhuman?

This mini-series of articles, I am currently working on will examine the various things covered in MGS (and other noteworthy projects that novel within a cyberpunk terrain)

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