Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ninja Gaiden II review

Ninja Gaiden II (360)
Rated M for mature
Developed by - Team Ninja
Publisher - Tecmo

With much wisdom learned from his last mission, Hayabusa Ryu sets out to protect humanity from evildoers. Of course, like legends past, "once defeated, more will come". As we learned in the first game, Ryu was only but a student; but must become a master of defending his home (and the world). Gaiden II pits Hayabusa against more challenges than he fought before, and some he never expected.

- Learn your ways
In the first entry, Ryu learned the "Ways of the Ninja", via messages to encountering areas throughout his quest. Herein II, his techniques to learn, are read from messages left behind others that were studying in his father's dojo. Those that have been slain, are able to teach; even from beyond their fallen body.

- Balance
Learning the ways of the controls is a good idea before getting into battle. Master your techniques, and you will be able to vanquish any foe. Take heart, they will not treat you lightly.
Along your way, you can acquire a sort of weapons, from a staff, to talon claws, and much more.
Learn to use them well, for each can be used in tactical ways against your foes.

Along with weapons, your Ninpo techniques have also returned. Here, they can also be built up along with your play style. Mastering these take patience and diligence. But they can be used to protect, and defend Ryu in time of need.

- Control
Within NG2, although its on an updated platform; it plays similar to the first NG. Although with small changes, it feels more relaxed, yet tense at the same time. Of course, with new, comes difficulties; the camera is something to adjust with. At times it moves to where it wants, and the player will have to compensate until you gain a better view of your surroundings. Be careful though, some enemies will test your patience with the camera.

Overall, Ninja Gaiden II is definitely for the longtime & new fans alike. Take heed though, if you are new to the series; patience is key with Ninja Gaiden. So remember that, and even though you may run into an obstacle; just keep trying.

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