Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bridging the gap - so are we really nextgen? (A look at E308)

"Only the power of the PS3 can deliver nextgen graphics!"
" The 360 pushes games to the next level!"
" Nintendo Wii is fun for the entire family!"

Sure we've read, seen, or heard some advertisement like these. In the past, publishers with public relations on watch, conjured up some clever ideas to promote their company for the public eye. Most will remember "Sega does what Nintendo don't", quoted from a magazine ad back in the 90's. That ad alone grabbed so much attention, even most of us as kids questioned what is with the bully like teasing.

Fast forward to some years later, the PS2 & Sega Dreamcast danced with one another. Of course many know of the Dreamcast's fall, but yet it still continues to thrive; thanks to indie developers. But then on the rebound, the PS2 is still churning out sales. Maybe there's something Sega & Sony haven't told us. Can their consumer market ever let go on their past consoles, and actually buy a PS3?

When the PS3 hit the market, many questioned if there were actual games on the way. Sure there was a mix set of titles; but they didn't deliver something original. Fast forward to this year, Metal Gear Solid 4 took up the mantle and made people notice, yes the PS3 does have games. But E3 showed Sony's shady side, there will be games; yet many will have to wait months to actually play those titles.

Looking at the coming months for the 360, there are some promising titles on the way. Sadly, majority of the said titles are bound to be.. FPS, and a promised RPG no one thought they'd ever see on another system (its bound for multiplatform next year). (you may ask, "Why am I not bringing up the XBL update?) Is it a game, or just a platform? That's a tough one, since Microsoft presented it as a variety of genres. (but will it be a money junkie?)

And for the Wii, we did see ideas, but games? "We're going casual, because they are the audience we want". Hmm, I remember a Nintendo that actually made games for everyone.

Regarding the topic in question, we are in the current gen, just with growing pains. But why the promises, yet no optional gain? Although we're nearly done with this year, there is still games to look forward to, depending with consumer market you may be a part of. However, there is that one obstacle of getting over the rewards, and the letdowns. So far this year has been a mix of both, but who knows maybe it might change.

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