Friday, August 8, 2008

SF IV is on its way! Spreading the word

Here's the deal gang..
(from Masterman Vending)
**SF IV will be @ Narrows Plaza's Bowling (in Tacoma, WA) venue very soon!

- The Cabinet + display should be in within the next week)
- $1.00 for entry
- They won't be able to use the IC cards due to limitations
(note Tekken 6 also would face the same pitfall if it were brought over)
- This will be the international version of the game
- They're planning to use LCD HD monitors to grab everyone's attention
- SF IV may not hit other venues, but a few chosen 4 locations stateside
(*SF IV will be playable @ Kumoricon!)
(*the distributor notes that there could be a location in Edmonton, Canada TBA)
(*It will also be at the Tokyo Game Show - Final Edition?)
(another distributor - Dandy won't comment on plans to even release their items till 6 months)

So spread the word friends SFIV is coming =D

- Plus exclusive info on a special cabinet of SF3 Third Strike is up for sale on Ebay soon
(exclusively from the distributor itself)

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