Friday, April 6, 2012

Gaming Treasures - Devil May Cry

It all began many years ago on a humble PS2, with wrecking difficulty like the classic Ghosts n' Goblins. For those hardcore fans who faned at difficulty, this game celebrated the word "challenge". Within Capcom's hidden brain trust emerged a game like no other, many would try to level up to it, but never could. Here is its story...

Rebellion -
From the start we get to know Dante as a monster hunter / cool cat. Then we find Trish (with some secrets), that we get set on a quest to find out why the world's gone to (h-e-double hockey sticks). But the odd thing about this series was that it was originally a spin-off of Capcom's other "love child" Resident Evil. So the "Team Little Devils" tweaked a new concept off of the engine and voila!

Grading system -DMC
From D to S (D,C,B,A,S) D being the lowest, and S = Smokin! The level system was actually a spin-off from the Street Fighter series. (within SF3, the letter grade system ranked how well you played, if you delivered top-notch offense & defense, including use of super arts and EX moves). Same goes for the DMC series, but it also offers bragging rights among fans. In later entries, they added more S rankings, SS and SSS.

Bad Influence -
"Devil Trigger" hidden within Dante is a lovely power, once tapped it unleashes his hidden abilities. Causing all of his attacks to deliver more fierce damage, (and in III a lovely guitar). Throughout the series, it became a key component shifting the gears in the players favor, dishing out some justice, and giving back health in case they were running low. (take that green herbs!) In addition, there was no need to hunt down ammo, because within the lovely weaponry like Ebony and Ivory, sustained their own ammo supply. Plus throughout your quests, any armaments you came across can be yours (some are hidden by hunting them down, or accomplishing certain deeds).

Let them eat cake -
Each series entry let loose a players options, from being able to play other characters. Such a Trish (in a hidden bonus mission), Lucia (in 2), Virgil (in 3), and Nero (in 4)

DMC II's scrutiny -
Several factors made DMC2 the infamous of the series. Within reason it shifted gears amongst fans on where the series could be heading.
1) II was not produced by the original team that made I.
2) Hideki Kamiya still feels disappointed about this title
3) Hideaki Itsuno (another Capcom producer) was made director for this entry
4) It was mapped out as a different game, with tweaks made to gameplay (some called the first game weak) and it was given a lower difficulty (or as we call it "easy")
5) And the 2nd disc was bowed out as a cheap way to make the game a solid chapter (and filled with too much overtones that fans were not really pleased with)

After II's defeat at the hands of reviews, III took players back to Dante's origins (a younger and fiesty version of the character). Differences from JP release (lighter difficulty) / SE brought more challenges for the US and EU (later retweaked in JP) keeping it together.

By far the biggest difference from the other chapters in the series was the design. Taking a more open approach like other action games out at the time. Giving more influence on CQC than the past games were capable. Plus the added option of taking on the "Jester" as a boss or side quest. And playing as Vergil (with being able to level up his play style, and Devil Trigger).

Introducing Nero (another Devil Hunter) forced to take on the handle of "hero" and work alongside Dante. Given sustained power, and being able to tweak Nero's offset abilities, it is a welcome addition. However, we don't get to play as Dante often, but a few missions flipped from Nero's quest. On the plus side, Dante is balanced as he always has been, and leveling up makes for interesting play styles (including the Yamato). Oddly enough both characters can wield the weapon, but only Nero can harness the given "stand" and deliver more offense. Whereas Dante can dish sweet damage in his Devil form.

Ebony & Ivory -
From the beginning, to the end DMC has been a fun roller coaster ride. And the ride isn't over, with more exciting things to come. However this new DmC isn't really a part of this series, but some alternate trip (and re-tweaked by some team named Ninja Theory). Honestly I feel that the main series is not over. And maybe someday Kamiya and his team may get to make another Dante chapter. (here's hoping)

And for many DMC fans, here are a treasure set of wallpapers to celebrate DMC HD's collection's release.

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