Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jet Set Radio - Part 3 - Musical Beats

JSR Remix Part 3

Beats in my head – From lush visuals, to an open world design JSR was well known for another feature. Its sound, unlike any other game soundtrack, opened up a paradigm of music lovers to a whole new world. Given the fact that many of the artists or DJ’s were popular at the time (99/2000). One of the interesting transitions of JSR was that the US version contained tracks that the original Japanese version did not, and a whole new set of playgrounds.

Jet Set/Grind Radio
Hideki Naganuma – A well-known composer, mixing funky beats and unique sounds. Sega Retro compiled a very diverse bio regarding this “wave master”

Deavid Soul – created by two former members of the band “Hi-Speed”, the duo mixes electro-funk with dance tunes and a splash of rap.

Guitar Vader – a duo by the same of Miki Tanabe(lead vocal), and Ujuan Shozo(bass/ alternate vocal). Mixing fun lyrics, and rock plus a diverse sounds made this band popular.

B.B. Rights – tough bio to find, but is an underground nickname

Castle Logical – guess they were a one hit wonder

F-Fields – Honestly this is even more bizarre, VGDMB gives credit to two characters. But hey could be psuedonym’s. “Yellow Bream” is also known as “Hip Hop Hokkien

Idol Taxi – comprised of two sounds, one beat (Ken Katsumata & Shinichi Yatabe) or aka “Arche Type”
According to BBC UK, odd place to find that nugget of knowledge.

Reps – This UK band is still going strong, and keeping their fans going. Although they are beginning to sound like “The Rolling Stones” wonder if that’s a sign.

Richard Jacques – Another familiar name in the vgm scene, mostly known for composing Sonic CD US versions OST and a unique theme song (it’s quite catchy)

Toronto – a mysterious entity that has adorned other projects, some from classic tunes and somewhere they made it into dance and techno.

Cold (US version only) – (aka Grundig) later changed their name when meeting certain characters along the way. Their sound is dark, edgy, and a complete contrast from the rest of the game’s OST. Some years back the band took a break, and came back together in 2008.

Mixmaster Mike (US version only)- from underground DJ, to a brand name DJ MixMike is still going strong.

Professional Murder Music (US version only) – What began as a collaboration, birthed a mixture of energy and words that can only be dished out in lyrics.

Rob Zombie (US version only)- noise maker, director, producer, this character has done literally everything. And he is still busy with more horror movies.

Jurassic 5 (US version only) – formed in the early 90’s a collection of five talents delivered a message of peace and love to all that listened (in an early Dreamcast magazine, there was a bonus promo video on one of the demo discs) Sadly they fell apart after 2007

Feature Cast (EU version only) – An interesting group that wasn’t added to the US version of JSR, but their track “Recipe for the Perfect Afro” was within the EU edition. And still going strong!

O.B. One (EU version only) Another unknown (to us stateside) name, but a steady DJ keeping the beats alive. Actually an MMA fighter as well.  Er, wait there’s more than one person with the nickname.

Semi Detached (EU version only)- Make that one more unknown name to this list for JSR. A bit more beats than the other track. Might say it’s the outsider of the JSR OST. But the track featured on the OST is a bit more 60’s retro jazz/funk style. Wonder why this one didn’t make it stateside.

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