Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thundercats - Season One - Book One

WB Animation + Studio 4C

From the 80’s comes the return of a classic tale, a brotherhood of heroes that take on evil. Thundara was once a peaceful place, until the return of Mumm-Ra. Years ago, this evil was put into a deep sleep never to awaken again, until an alliance was made from two sides to vanquish Thundara’s peaceful rule amongst the other lands.

Actually this series doesn’t just retell the original mythos, this is how it started. Just with a bigger budget, and an insane amount of talent giving life to the classic characters. It may be new to some, but this is coming from a classic fan. Although the series was a bit out there, like other 80’s cartoons, this new tale is way different than what we grew up with. And honestly I love it even more.

Within the first collection of this nextgen series is 8 episodes, with the new intro tale of Omens (a two parter). We’re introduced to Lion-O & his buddy Snarf just wandering about town waiting for trouble. Until they find help from a familiar Cheetara (who is a lead Cleric of the guild), Tigra on the otherhand is the lady’s man and a bit of a tough guy. Wit & Wily Cat are the always unforgettable treasure hunters.

What’s most awesome about this new take on a classic is the art direction. In the past, many remember the choppy animation and overall it was pretty fun back then. But compared to now.. this new version of Thundercats is ten times better than the original. It no longer feels like a simple show, its like a movie that should have been made a lot sooner.

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