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ASM - Ends of the Earth

Covering issues 682-687

EOTE 682 + 683
Written by Dan Slott
Art by Stefano Caselli

Part 1 – My World on Fire #682

From the start NYC seems to be dealing with normal issues. A normal day where nothing can go wrong, but our old friend Peter begins to get that feeling something is going to happen. Elsewhere off world, a humble set of six familiar faces are gathered to take on the world, with Ock at the helm. Peter, on Earth is beginning to notice that his accomplishments with the Horizon Labs are a positive one. Plus some have helped him take down villains for quite awhile, but he never could patent them on his own. Until today, that old Doc Ock magic rears his ugly tentacle again.

Let me begin here with the writing, its beginning to feel like the most epic adventure is waiting to happen. It builds slow, yet its progressive, like a familiar song on the radio where a listener is waiting to hear their favorite part. Plus the art connects every scene and dialog like a heartbeat. There is hidden detail in each scene, so its best to keep an eye out during every part of this tale. Part 1 is only the beginning folks.

Part 2 – Earth’s Mightiest #683
With his fellow Avengers by his side, Spidey takes on lead point (in the past, that rarely happens). But with Doc Ock’s recent plan in motion, Cap sets up the Webhead as lead captain. With some help, they work together to put a few more pieces together. The same can be said for the Sinister Six, arranging a power play with some old items from old friends hidden headquarters. The stage is set, now its for the biggest brawl to hit the planet!

Honestly I can’t say enough about the art thus far. Its engaging, dark, and light all at the same time. Plus every segment in part 2 seems to carry more shadows. Even from the heroes point of view, nothing is quite clear anymore. Plus its humbling to see the Cap let Spidey take lead, Stefano actually delivers a perspective very few get to see. A leader. There are no wisecracks, Spidey actually feels a lot like Captain America this time around. In addition, the change up in members of the main Avengers team is refreshing. While the old Sinister Six gang seems to scream “I am mad with power” and Stefano’s art clearly delivers that message.

Part 3 – Sand Trap #684
Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos

With the Avengers down, the 5 of the 6 continue to challenge the world powers. Thankfully Spidey has some help, by the same of Silver Sable and Black Widow. Their mission: take down Sandman. Easy huh?
Within this issue, Ramos is taking a few pages from Caselli’s artwork, its bold, and just edgy enough to keep the story going. Plus what type of Spider-man tale isn’t fun with Sable and Widow?

Part 4 – Global Menace #685

The Amazing Trio race against time, and a very angry Rhino only to find themselves stuck in the middle. With no one else offering team support, the work together trying to put the pieces back towards what they’re fighting against. **Sable notices that Spidey has changed since they last worked as a team. But is that a positive or negative sign? When a signal is sent from Ock’s alliance squad, Spidey and his fearless team send a signal through worldwide channels to gather other heroes. Who will win?!

Taking a deeper look into this series, one thing is for sure Dan Slott didn’t want to just write a simple 6 part saga. This is a special treat for any longtime Spidey fans. Its not just about the heroes, but what they face everyday, either standing alone, or with others. But Widow, and Sable? First, Peter does have history with both women, whom he’s saved, and they’ve done the same. Both in deeds, and in life (might even say it’s a bit more..) But then we’d have to hit the rewind button. Plus the alliances that all three of them have made over the years, this mini-series changes everything and what they’ve fought for. I say excellent writing here Dan!

ASM – Ends of the Earth #1 (parts 1&2)
Written by Rob Williams (part 1), Brian Clevinger (part 2)
Art team: Pencils: Thony Silas, Inks: Victor Olazaba, Colors: Wil Quintana

EOTE is a two part mini that covers the globe, as the other heroes work together to stop Doc Ock’s worldwide takeover. It’s fast paced, and completes the mini-series like a fine pizza. Part one focuses more towards Union Jack (when the others fall during the mission). In some ways he’s a lot like Spider-man, with his focus on saving his home. But with a twist, he’s like the Punisher, saving face only when he needs to. This time around he’s not alone, and wants to help. Part 2 focuses on Big Hero 6, a team made up in Japan. They are a lot like the Asian version of the Avengers, which enough crazy tech to make Spidey’s head spin. (actually I’m kinda lost on Big Hero team 6, its just bizarre to see this in a Marvel comic)

EOTE Part 5: From Ashes to Defeat #686
Words – Dan Slott / Artworks: Stefano Caselli

Where we last left our heroes, Symkaira was in ruins, a hell on earth. Now the trio may be down to two, but there’s something else going on behind the scenes. If you thought Mysterio was bad enough, Doc Ock catches on to the “curtain” and things go awry @ Sinister HQ. **Chameleon and Widow share a moment that actually clears up the smoke for years (who is he really?) And for the first time, the fishbowl aligns with the Spider. (no I’m not kidding) And the last two page attack.. mind blown.
(*Stefano’s art in this ish.. mind blown)

EOTE Part 6: Everyone Dies
words – Slott / Art: Caselli
Spidey’s team vs (ulp) The Avengers. So all of Peter’s inventions have become a part of Ock’s evil plan. Every hero that Spidey worked with as a team, now is against him. Are they real or bots? Okay real, this last entry in EOTE is insane (wish this was a movie already) Ock bots = Avenger zombies. Ock’s final move goes into play, heroes unite and fight the biggest bout ever.

Avenging Spidey #8
Words – Ty Templeton & Dan Slott
Pencil – Matthew Clark / Ink – Sean Parsons / Colors – Wil Quintana

Still recovering after Doc Ock’s worldwide chaos mission, Peter and friends search the wreckage to find Sable, sadly they couldn’t find her body, or anywhere. During his chat with Cap, they wrap up that things will mend, and he can take leave. While on patrol, Peter thinks back to a time when he worked Sable, not by choice and did the right thing.

Afterthoughts: Overall EOTE is an expansive series that is a nod to classic tales of ASM. Plus through all of Marvel’s insane adventures which crosses paths with many heroes and villains. This is a tale many fans have waited to see, and it was well worth it. In my opinion, seeing Stefano’s art I was already sold on the fact that this would be a treat. It didn’t feel like a regular Spidey tale at all. Every story is epic, but lately this one pushes even more boundaries than any other ASM series before. And Dan’s writing has topped out anything he’s done in the past, its solid, bold, and gets to the point of the reader. I can only imagine what the meeting’s had to be like, and how to expand the idea of making a comprehensive story like this one. It is so engaging, you might have to read it several times. A solid read, “Nuff Said” (*TM).

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