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Resident Evil 6 review

Resident Evil 6
Capcom R&D Production with BioHazard Studios

Leon – The game begins with Leon & Helena (who turns out to be a secret service agent). As they try to escape the madness of the city being pulled apart by a mysterious force causing all sorts of chaos. In the short run, the player is introduced to the game via QTE (quick time events) that test a player’s reaction time. Once you’re in motion, the running begins.

Game thus far –
At the start you are able to select three levels of play. Amateur (easy) / Professional (normal) / Veteran (hard) . Plus Mercenaries is back in play, and you’re able to take on it in multiplayer online. And you’re able to obtain skills the more you play offline or online. And your points converge from game play in campaign or Mercs.

Leon: Working along Helena, its more of an escape and survive mission.
Chris: Recovery and reconnaissance
Jake: Run and Gun with Sherry (and pick up a few pieces)

Extras menu: Collections and Cutscenes. Collections consist of bonus goodies obtained by shooting out of play discs that consist of snakes wrapped around one another. If they don’t belong there, shoot em!

RE6 feels like a title that wants to push the series a bit more closer to an action / suspense thriller. In the past it relied on being a bit slower in the action scene, and more built into the suspense direction. Now this entry feels like a Hollywood blockbuster (hmm, a lot like the RE films, who would have thought it could go there).

I honestly don’t mind the push to make the game move faster. It actually feels a bit more oriented around the player, and keeping them in the moment. Some RE fans may not like the change, but RE4 and RE5 also had the same energy, it wasn’t the same high octane level. Yet the past two titles delivered some fun chills on a level vastly different from one another.

On the plus side, the game gives a short tutorial on how to get going. And of course offers a nice helping of baddies to take down. In addition, you can also change the settings to what you prefer.

Picking your path – From what I gather, after getting past a checkpoint it is possible to select other character storylines. And you can choose to play a variety of two familiar names. Leon (from RE2 and 4), Chris (from RE1 and 5) but this newcomer.. doesn’t ring a bell. (*What I gather from teaser trailers is that Jake is actually Wesker’s legitimate son.) Anyway, these are branching storylines, and each has a part to play in this chapter of the long running series.

Working together – Another feature they brought back was the co-op playability. It comes in handy to know that you’re not alone in this mission. Plus you’re given the ability to also help your knocked down partner. Just be careful it does throw the character you’re currently playing in defense mode. It gets a bit tricky when it comes to a horde of enemies all at once. But with enough patience, anyone can juggle multi-tasking a dozen baddies.

In addition, healing items are brought back. Plus you’re able to create mixtures on the fly, an enable them via your equipment inventory. But be resourceful, once you’ve mixed those herbs, they are gone. Plus they can be hard to find if you’re in a pinch. And if need be, your ally will give you a shot of adrenaline.

Keep your eyes on me – On the flipside, your health bar also contains an adrenaline gauge. If you lose energy, take an herb to get a bit of a push. Or you might find yourself totally drained, and unable to fight. Which I admit is pretty daunting; especially with some of the enemies seem to find that one weak point to knock you down.

So here are the pros and cons about the game
Pros =
Excellent action, chills and thrills
Having the ability to run n’ gun actually works great here! (nay sayers may cry)
Keeps players motivated to see what’s around the corner. Or watch it get obliterated, and make a stand.
Catching up with familiar faces (and some enemies)
New enemies assemble Neo-Umbrella (and it’s not what some may think)
Plus you’re able to see different points of view from various playable characters

QTE makes a compromise in some segments, sometimes reliable and others  a coin flip
“You Are Dead” may haunt you in your dreams again
Some chapters in each campaign are on the short side, depending on difficulty level.
(Only take on Professional and Veteran if you’ve obtained adequate skills!)
The price tag for the full version of the game $60.00 (and DLC content = madness!)

Afterthoughts: I humbly recommend RE6 to any action / horror fan. For the newbies, the game does hone its memories back to Raccoon City quite a bit, but this new chapter is still engaging enough for everyone. For the long runners, you won’t be disappointed. Sure the QTE’s may get in the way, but it still keeps you on the edge of your seat. Even more fun is the ability to take on Co-Op (which is becoming more of the norm with games lately, but be advised with more features comes DLC).

(Oh, and there’s plenty of easter eggs to be found, (example: with the voice acting and dialog just listen to conversations between characters carefully during certain moments in the game) And there is a ton of stuff to unlock! (boo-yah!)

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