Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RE 6 Backup Doc File

RE6 Backup Doc

This is a file I personally want to share about how Capcom wants to change the way they’ve been given bad press. Most of us known for years they have had a bad wrap about PR stunts. With a majority of their titles being re-released with too many revisions. RE6 I believe finally breaks the mold. Looking the data over, it says they saved game data is worth 7.7 GB (RE5 I read somewhere only scraped 6GB) Normally DVD or GD types contain up to 7 if maxed out. Could be a sign that the developers for this entry want to push a game disc to its limits (which makes me wonder if the Blu-Ray version may actually have met its match in storage).

Second, this game for once isn’t focused on online play. The campaign is the main event (thank goodness, because I am not a fan of a skimmed story just for the sake of online gameplay). According to the achievements given so far, there are a few secret hidden awards. However, DLC could be added later pushing a few more to the list. But these awards only forward to the in-game campaign, which are pretty challenging the further you play in other modes.

**Actually there are in-game rewards, depending on accomplishments delivers more goodies. So there is a significant amount of extra content. Haha! Take that MVC3!

Btw for those that have kept up with RE since the beginning. I cannot say enough about how many rewards are in this game. Even a few you might not expect…

Closed quarters, there are several moments where you ar e boxed in. It may feel like you have plenty of room, try in normal and above. (see what happens)

Herbal remedy – As I played normal, I learned the hard way that the herbs come across very rarely. In fact there is a hidden skill you can obtain, and upgrade to snag more goodies not matter what mode you play. Definitely add this to your skill play list.

Mad Skillz – This achievement is not kidding, there are in fact tons of skills to obtain and use. Don’t let that skill list fool you, it can be opened to a various amounts of options. From what I gather, there are over 10+ skill list setups. A majority of the obtainable skills can be bought through game play. But some are limited to what level of difficulty. (and some via online modes, it’s a bit unfair, but it could be worse)

Options – Although I didn’t get the chance to play as Helena in Leon’s campaign. I get the feeling that her story takes place sometime before they meet while trying to rescue a specific person at the beginning of the game. Given how much depth her story was to begin with (be sure to read her bio via the collectibles option in Special Features)  I am sure that follows for Sherry, and the newcomer in Chris’s campaign.

What bugs me is that the loading screens given some specific details. But they seem to fly by, including some of the helpful standbys. I remember most of us old school fans never were fans of loading screens with our past consoles.  But it did give us some time to take a breath, or drink some water. Now blink and you might miss something important.

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