Sunday, March 31, 2013

Putting things together

Sitting on my laptop, listening to BT’s Laptop Symphony podcast. When I recollect something a friend said about how women are represented from outside perspectives. Some abuse their rights in telling what they think, or causing some to feel even worse. I understand the analogy of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. None of it makes sense why some take things too far.

For one, I have never told anyone, nor any person of the opposite gender of any opposing ideals. Or pushing their buttons so hard, that they’d want to sock me in the gut. That’s just dumb, and wrong, so wrong on a lot of levels. I can’t fathom going that far, only level I would consider is just open communication, but never pushing those buttons.

Say you’re at some club or event, you and some buddies notice a group of gorgeous women nearby. What do you do? A) Come up with a pick up line? B) Introduce yourself and ask about them? C) Invite them to your hotel, or place nearby outside of the noise to talk? D) Just chat and make them smile. Gee, I wonder where the part of listening to the other end actually equals out results. Oh yeah, might be B, C, or D, or A. I don’t quite recall the “political thinking” line where you put others down because of what they look like or dress.

Over the years, I have volunteered to help out at various events. And even getting to see “behind the scenes” with various talents that make things happen. Some get positive words, some negative. When it comes to Anime or Comic book, or Gaming events, there are individuals called cosplayers. These creative characters come up with costumes that let them escape reality, and most of all have fun. Some take pictures, or help promote an upcoming game, or just for fun.

For the longest time, some of these cosplayers have been harassed by some of these onlookers that “push buttons” that don’t need to be. Its an idealogy I don’t quite understand. I put the other person before myself, but it just makes me sigh every time a friend winds up in the situation. I enjoy seeing friends come up with awesome costumes and sharing what they love about their hobby, just dressing up and feeling awesome about it. Sure some might be provocative, but guess what we’re all human. We make choices, unless we lost those rights. I don’t recall someone holding up a sign that forced words down our throats because we are different.

What I can fathom is that some people just enjoy putting others in precarious situations. Either by words or actions, it never makes because of what it does to those affected. This stuff has to stop, it just goes back to a certain rabbit that was told “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. That’s it period.

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