Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tomb Raider 2013

Tomb Raider
Square Enix + Crystal Dynamics

New beginnings:
This new version of Lara Croft is a fresh faced young lady. From college to adventurer, she joins an expedition in the far side of Asia. Long lost to others, it is a wandering island where no one has foot on. But the truth is, there are more explorers that don’t belong within these new spelunkers.

Learning your surroundings: On this new island, Lara finds herself lost and unaware of her surroundings at first. Once you become accustom to the in-game settings, Lara becomes easy to maneuver, and she gains speed and endurance while moving about. Reacquainting with your allies, you’ll go through mini-missions and expeditions. But are they on your side?

Got Skills?: Gaining a mix of weaponry, and needed items for our distant adventurer. Lara gains XP by going through trials, mini-missions, and finding lost relics. These skills will help Lara in her quest to put the pieces together behind this strange island, and its secrets.

Adventure or action?: Throughout Lara’s quest, there are a variety of QTE’s (the classic gaming technique that requires correct timing to gain a successful move). By far the biggest difference in this new chapter with the gaming icon, it is more action oriented. But its not for everyone, some may be dismayed towards Lara’s newfound tactics. Unlike the past games, it is a more open world, danger at every turn. Where it is all up to Lara to take her stand, protecting herself against various perils, or foes that want to do her harm.

**Taking notes from Nintendo™ Metroid franchise, and Capcom TM Resident Evil series. Metroid was more about exploration, and finding catacombs hidden within unknown expanses. But that design changed when it came to 3D, it actually took on the mold of Tomb Raider. Exploring vast monuments and excavating lost relics. With Resident Evil, it was more of survival, item caching, and trying to get through tons of obstacles to make it to the end. In its present form, it has now become an action/ adventure / shooter. Like these two franchises, Tomb Raider has gained acclaim and disdain for its recent upgrades.

Drama in the tale: Early on, there is a scene where Lara is up against a male protagonist that wants something in return. Its up to you to get it out of there alive, but there is a consequence. Lara actually feels everything from your reactions (and her own).

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