Friday, April 19, 2013

DMC Reboot Review

DMC – Reboot
Publisher - Capcom
Developer – Ninja Theory

Long time no see Dante:
Welcome to a new reiteration of a classic series. Classic you ask? Why yes dear friend, Dante’s adventure began on the PS2 as a mock up of Resident Evil. After 2 (the non renowned sequel) shifted gears becoming more platform curved, 3 accomplish with more zany and crazy. (In addition to being difficult after Normal!) Then came 4, a pseudo sequel, Dante took a backseat, with Nero as the lead.

Okay history lesson done:
So for you longtime DMC fans, you are in for quite a treat. Although its not quite the same DMC we remember, it still keeps a few factors in mind. 1) Platforms are your friend, 2)Gravity is not, 3)There are plenty of baddies to take down, 4) Storywise – 50/50, 5) Music: retains a few hymms of the past, but its scream rock + electronica.

Newbies: Welcome welcome, newbies can also enjoy this crazy series. So the lowdown, Dante (good guy), mean monsters (bad guys), add Rebellion (the fun loving sword) mix two Ebony and Ivory’s (Dante’s trademark handguns). Kat is your guide through limbo (and a helpful lady I must add). Vergil (well can’t spoil his origin). And the Order, a mysterious organization that keeps eyes on what’s going in  the world.

Rinse and Repeat:
Key notes that I do like: Rebellion (shapeshifter) I am surprised that they could pull it off. Although it’s a given as an excuse to cut down collecting items. But it does add a mixture of styles to Rebellion’s repertoire throughout this new series. In the past the Rebellion could channel its true form (spoiler). But here due to Dante’s ability of revisiting key fragments of his past, the sword has gained a totally new identity.

When it comes to the play and fighting style, it really takes some getting used to. It is loose, rigid, but it is easy to get the hang of the combat style. Although its more berserk than being in control, I am sure it changes the more you progress. I admit it is pretty easy when it comes to the controls.

Collecting stuff? I tell you it is both bizarre and a bit simplified. No longer do you need to hunt them down. Each cascade of enemies holds key orbs that you may need. With better attack points, the more you obtain from kicking butt. Bosses are something else, challenging and come in Godzilla size.

Level designs: From limbo within a carnival, to visiting Dante’s old home, and beyond. Each mission takes place in various environments, but what makes each diverse is that they break down. With more terrain covered, the level itself will shatter, forcing Dante to use his newfound gear to traverse this new territory. It feels weird at first, just watching everything break down, but it becomes second nature after awhile. It does add a unique touch to the fact that the “real world” and “limbo” are becoming one.

In addition there are key areas in the environment that become part of your mission. From freeing lost souls, to redeeming actual keys from being held from Dante. Included by finding parts of different structures to make whole, giving a much needed boost to the hunter.

Afterthoughts from a few missions:
I actually don’t mind the changes to the series. It feels weird at first, as if they’re trying to outdo what DMC1 & 3 took the series to its limits. But I do give them credit for giving it a fresh take. Redesign of Dante’s signature look may make some fans shake their heads. But hey, he’s supposed to be a young fella and troublemaker. As an origin tale, I am on the 50/50 side of things. I like it, but I am not crazy about it altogether. It is fun and engaging, but it doesn’t really make me want more out if it. Plus learning that some features were missing, after others played the extra challenge modes. (even Bloody Palace! is downloadable content.

Kinda irks me that stuff that made us longtime fans love the series. Makes us divided because we can’t actually unlock the in-game content that we’ve grown accustom to. I feel bad for everyone buying this title expecting it to be like the quadrilogy. The heart of the series is there, it just has a different beat of its own.

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