Friday, April 19, 2013

DMC Reboot - Growing Pains

DMC Reboot – Growing Pains

Like all adventures, the further you go, the darker it gets. Same goes for this series, no matter where you go, or make a move the story shifts in all sorts of directions. But the biggest change is the composure, character designs, and limbo itself.

1) Did DMC need to rebooted? Honestly, I think it was fine the way it was. Developer: Ninja Theory does redeem itself by keeping what made the series work, somewhat intact. But it tosses in content that really wasn’t needed. A bit more garish words in the script, it wasn’t that way before. Plus its all edgy, having to be break away from the norm. DMC itself was unlike any other game before. New DMC tries to adapt by becoming a next generation platformer.

2) Since when do we need to glide? Turns out Dante is part webslinger (wait I meant flyer) glider?
It is a neat feature with this new Dante, in the past you had to be in DT mode just to evade your pursuers or environment. Now it’s a part of Rebellion’s techniques that enable him to do so. Or is it?

3) Another upgrade is the vast amount of enemies you encounter. What drives them? Humanity. If there is fear, angst, anger, power, greed, these monsters emerge from all sides. In the past it was more driven by what was locked away. Seems more apparent that those same foes have taken root everywhere.
Is it subliminal? Hmm, there are deep themes hidden throughout. But at least its an opinion of how things are out there.

4) No one puts Baby in a corner – Um, yeah seems that some areas become enclosures. May test patience, but once you get through. Oh and by the way, some segments where you can’t get more health. I am not sure how that makes sense. Bug? Hmm.

Overall, it’s a fun mixture of ideas. But it just feels like it wants to be a different game. I can’t quite put it altogether, it is DMC by name but it is quite different than its namesake

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