Monday, May 6, 2013

Star Trek (Episode 0)

Star Trek – Episode 0
Publisher – Activision
Developer – Digital Extremes

Based on the reboot of the hit franchise, this side story named “Episode 0” takes place after the first film. Where upon Kirk and Spock work together on various off world missions. But then again, trouble seems to follow wherever the Enterprise ventures towards. However, there seems to be a brotherhood between the two lead characters that wasn’t quite vastly explored before.

Brothers in Arms – Playing as Kirk or Spock (in co-op) there is a two player option. Or you could take on the main mission solo (working together with an AI controlled partner). During various moments in-game both characters may interact with the other, giving a heads up on options and leading on point to obstacles or enemies. Communication is key!

My Data Tis of Thee – Using your Tricorder, gives you the ability to examine data caches, control boards and pathways to help you on your way. Speaking of said data collecting, another science fiction title also uses the same design (Nintendo’s TM  “Metroid series). These data collection caches help you gain experience points, through further examination Kirk or Spock can use these points to boost their skills. From shields, defense, and the Tricorder also provides backup for an assortment of specific needs.

Explore the Stars – If the choice arrives, various scenarios give you the ability to explore uncharted territory. Or working with others to fix the situations they are caught up in. From recovery, to rescue, and meeting up with trusted allies.

Afterthoughts – What I find most interesting is that the game feels seamless. Almost like an interactive episode that unfolds with more pieces put together. On the plus side every area can be explored, with the only limitations being the situation taking place around the environment. For Trekkies, this is the best adventure yet. (Oh and more fun, it doesn’t spoil the next film)

**Bonus goodie: The cast from both films reprise their roles as each significant character. Plus the in-game engine is well detailed. So explore all the hidden nooks and crannies wherever you go. (Oh and there are a ton of hidden easter eggs).

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