Friday, May 31, 2013

RE - Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations  (360 / PS3 / 3DS)
Capcom - Biohazard Team
Survival / Horror
Rated - M for Moonpie (Mature)

Going to Need a Bigger Boat-
RE-Rev takes place right after RE5, and before RE6. Pitting you and your team (from the BSAA) against various obstacles, finding lost fragments of data left behind. Thanks in part to an accident made by some group that wanted attention. Yet somehow they had access to those ever lovable Bio-Organism Weapons.
Umbrella? Or some new team of misfits wanting to cause all sorts of pain?

But the game begins right where you start, a cruise ship lost at sea. With no crew, or any life left on board, Jill and her partner explore the unknown finding clues, and maybe something else. Working side by side, the duo finds out that the group they've been hunting for already left a mark on this cruise liner.

I Can Help!-
For those new or familiar, the game gets moving from the logo to the introduction. From quick help guides, to snap options for your needs to fight those monster baddies. Plus the new "scanner" named Genesis scopes out items, clues, and reads data from monsters or any dangerous things nearby. **What makes this work so well is that acts like Nintendo's Metroid (TM) series, where you were able to scan your environment, obstacles, and enemies. It became more of a first person adventure title, whereas RE-Rev is more of a 3rd person adventure. The formula actually works just fine, and its still fast paced, so its best to "run n' scan".

Moving On Up-
Controls are seamless, and you can set it up to your preferences. Including the target retical, scanning, movement, and play style. Turns out you can work with a buddy in 2 player more (aka Raid). I do believe that Mercenaries is an unlockable mode once the main gameplay story is finished. Like all RE games, one play through is never enough, there are hidden items to  keep an eye out for.

Let it be, Let it be -
Like all RE chapters, once you move forward you cannot go back. However, explore what you can before moving onward. Always keep herbs handy (Y button releases a shot of health) and will deliver a good dose to get you on your feet. Plus always trust your partner, and do regroup if need be. Never know when something may be in the next room, ceiling, or even hiding waiting for you to get closer.

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