Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gaming Treasures - The Games You Could Never Beat

With so many titles in existence, its tough to pick just one. But what are some titles you could never beat? Or simply walked away from? From my gaming archives, I will share a humble few that pushed my buttons.

Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask: (N64)
Reason(s): The ultimate rewind drove me nuts, that clock and the moon colliding at the worst time. Eventually you could explore more of the world, but only if you figured out what to do preventing the "Evil Moon" from falling. I could never wrap my head around why they made it so difficult.

What if? If I played it now, I might grasp the difficulty a bit better. Its no more distinct than missing a jump with Mario or Simon Belmont over a vast distance. (or low health bar resulting in a controller being dropped).

Reason(s): Does anyone remember this gem? The hopping, bopping, and all sorts of chaos. Its became a bit too much to avoid any sort of action sequence. But the ultimate challenge was the water levels. Turtles + water = of course they are amphibian. Why in the frak do we have to get electrocuted!?

What if? Um, not going there.

Reason(s): For one, this game is tough as nails. No matter the difficulty, even the track is determined to push you to the limit. And for whatever reason, they included more challenge modes. But there's a catch, if you beat more races on the toughest challenge level, then you obtain the better parts for your vehicle.

What if? Honestly I never tried the tougher modes. I'm thankful that its up to the player, and not downloadable content. By the way, AX mode is obtainable by beating "Hard" mode. With even more things to take on.

Devil May Cry Series (before the reboot) PS2/PS3/X360
Reason(s): As far as I can remember, I don't think I have ever tried Dante Must Die, Heaven or Hell, etc..
Going through the DMC collection, I find myself a bit more curious. Although there are minor differences, the enemies get tougher, and damage is not an option.

What if? I think I might actually take one of those modes soon enough. (okay DMC2 jokes aside) DMC3 however dishes tons of goodies with more modes beaten. It really humbles me that they kept all of the hidden goodies.

Bayonetta: Dante's sister PS3/X360
Reason(s): Its amazing how tough this game can be. Just try normal without taking damage, it becomes a dance that you will never forget. I find it noteworthy that every mode doesn't feel the same. Oddly enough Bayonetta also seems to evolve with the better you play. There are so many hidden things in this game. I feel even more bummed out that its sequel is only on the WiiU

What if? Like DMC, there are tons of difficulty modes. Hidden endings? Hmm I wonder. With Team Little Angels, the possibilities are endless

I hope you enjoyed this mini-article covering titles worth playing. But I have a question for you readers. What games have you walked away from? And did you ever go back to finish it?

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