Friday, May 24, 2013

So the codes goes Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, B + A Start

For those who can remember this code, you are as old as me. For newbies, you have to explain its notoriety. From t-shirts, to meme's this item is just about everywhere. My humble beginnings with the game scene started on a system called the NES.

At the time, it was just a gift from a family friend. I had no idea what is was, but I kept up with Saturday morning cartoons when I could watch them. They contained tons of fun adventures, and unforgettable tales of excitement. But when it came to a video game cartridge, at least you didn't have to worry about a commercial break. To say the least, opening up that console containment box was a delight.

My first indulgence was with the 2-in-1 cartridge, with Super Mario Brothers (1) and Duck Hunt. I didn't own a light gun, but had to borrow one from a friend. What grabbed my attention was the simple level, yet complex tasks you had to go through. Just hopping across the Mushroom Kingdom, bopping baddies left and right. But when it came down to it, Mario was just in the middle of a bad situation. And in the end, he does save the princess.

Metroid, moving the across the alien world, unaware and I found myself a bit lost. Only with baddies coming from out of nowhere, and hidden upgrades all over the place made it worthwhile. What kept me going was the music, learning each cue gave me an idea I was going the right way. But when the music became quiet and atmospheric, something big and bad was going to show up. And the biggest surprise, Samus was a woman. (who didn't see it coming back in the day?!)

Legend of Zelda, hero, sword, shield, and I'm lost, where did I wind up now!? Oh wait shopkeepers with goodies, I don't really trust them. And baddies all around, must be something in the air. As it turns out the Trfiforce is in the hands of a mad pig (dark wizard) and its up to Link to save the world. Only one problem, everything is out to get you. I don't think gamers ever realized that the first Zelda game was a giant game of
"cat and mouse". But in a more vast chess board, where every move could be your last.

Castlevania, the hero vs the villain, but the entire world has gone nuts. From monsters, to a spooky castle, Simon takes on everything in his path. But wait, his health bar is so limited, one false move equals a "Game Over" screen. Oh god I couldn't forget the times I saw that screen, made me so mad. Overall the game is tough, but rewarding. (keep in mind this is the classic platformer, not the rpg it is now)

This is just a small sample of games that got me started in my gaming hobby. What are some of your favorite classics growing up?

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