Sunday, June 2, 2013

RE - Misdirect Revelations ( the other side)

Upon wrapping up Revelations, I feel kinda left out on something. Although there are twelve solid chapters in this mini-game, it could have been a bit more. Sure its filler for 4-6 on who is "behind the scenes' with Umbrella taking the fall. But this Veltro is just a rebirth of what RE fans loved to hate, troublemakers. I do although give the writing team staff credit for trying to conjure up new ideas. (the name of the virus seems oddly familiar though)

So how does it work? - 3DS vs consoles
I remember reading about the game in concept as its own separate chapter like Mercenaries. This game however does connect with the recent entries in the series. It carries enough story baggage that take it back to RE Gaiden on the Game Boy (yup that olde brick we loved so much). Or for more categorizing, RE-Outbreak, the mmorpg RE title that was meant to be a universal nod to fans.

Being a handheld title, its easy to see the difference in content. Graphic wise it still carries over well, including the environment interaction, or background involvement. Come to think of it, it also builds off the use of the Genesis Scanner, a data collector that tags creatures, and helps you find items. Sadly that is all it does, it cannot divulge your entry collection with data of info logs. Although you can find informative notes from the on board passengers, or the Veltro crew that left stuff behind. I find it strange that they could have done so much more, but kept it in an easier to digest format.

However, on its console I do recall that was suppose to be some use of the Wii U pad as a scanner. But that didn't happen, kinda disappointing since most of the game resides on data collecting (even in the middle of a fight). (thanks to fellow RE fan "Rammspangle")

For what it delivers in: 1)story, 2)action, 3)suspense, and mystery. It all works out just fine, albeit the main campaign is on the short side (depending on difficulty level). Come to think of it, the character storylines interact with one another, where one path goes, another turns "left" or "right". I don't want to give anything away, but some of the team you work beside are not who they say they are. This is a very different RE than usual game, more like a game of "cat and mouse" with some conspiracy mixed well.

Revelations overall is a must play for any RE fan, if you're new to the series, or a longtime monster hunter. Note: this does take place sometime between 4-6, there are missing bits of time added in for good measure.
For those naysayers that think this game contains repetitive enemies, you are kidding yourself. The deeper you get, the more creatures emerge from all sides of the spectrum. A cruise ship turn "harbinger of doom" kinda scary concept come to think of it. Be sure to check out the demo out on Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, and its original format on the Nintendo 3DS

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