Saturday, June 8, 2013

Current to Nextgen - The Awakening (or how DRM is getting in the way)

When you hear or read of the word "retro", you usually may think words like "past", "classic", or "post modern". Those words define past tense, although the title or console currently out is referred past tense when its next of kin hasn't even been released yet. Hype is scary, a new system is another story. That transition from one system to the next, feels like moving on / saying goodbye to an old friend and hello new one.

By far the biggest obstacle for most systems is backwards compatibility. Or in short term, the usage of playing a past consoles format of game discs library. Thing is not everyone jumps on the new format bandwagon. Aside from the fact the newer format may be more expensive and some may want to save up and wait for the game they actually want to play.

Note: for most who indulge in digital expression (thanks to Leigh Alexander, I can't write the word gamer anymore, it does feel like a bad word). That would mean we cling to the past, but honestly its smart to save up for that new title that's worthwhile, because it could be years or even months till that game you want to play is actually done.

For example: Nintendo Gamecube had a huge library of games that most of its user base loved. The Wii however was mixed company, but it did support the GD format carried over from the NGC. But after an amount of time, the format was discontinued because they want their user base to move onto what's next. There is however a catch to this, the Wii-U is rumored to carry over the huge library of games into a newer digital archive. **It was worked out for the Wii at first, but it was costly. Nintendo is trying it out again, but with the vast format increase, the Wii-U can support more data carry over coverage. But it may cost consumers more to branch over with the past format.

Say you wanted to play F-Zero GX on your Wii-U. Okay, find it in the digi game library, bought and now you can play. But limitations stand as there is no GC format controller, so can't play. There is in the works a emulator that N is working on to allow classic titles to be played with the funky controller. **and more additions to come.. yay for prices!

Another example: PS3, to PS4, say you've finally managed to push GT5 out for a final run. Oh wait GT6 is out the following summer (I wish that were true, but it takes nearly ten years for a Gran Turismo game to actually be finished) Can your save data be carried over? Or can you play your GT5 on a PS4? The issue with that is digital rights management. Limitations over gremlins, and usage of data that is literally making people tear their hair out.

Microsoft's Xbox One is also tagged with that same issue. Sure its a compromise to promise more new fresh stuff within its system. But the biggest bugger is being able to use the darn thing period. There is hope in promise for both of these new consoles. Just everything else is getting in the way of what consumers simply want to do, is play games on a gaming console. (*we don't need the extra bells and whistles)

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