Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lego Star Wars III - Clone Wars

Developer - Traveller's Tales
Publisher - LucasArts

Two years ago.. a game mixing Legos and Star Wars took upon the Clone Wars. Based on the mid-saga between eps II &III, Anakin is still a  good guy, Obi-Wan is leading their side to victory. In the meantime, the various factions try to work out the kinks in the dastardly plan of the baddies.

Although this game is two years old, it is a solid title all its own. I find myself humbled by how balanced, and real time active the game flow truly is always in motion. There is never a moment where a sequence breaks, it is all real time. So if you dawdle too long in the armory section, watch out. It is both engaging, and immerse with the SW universe even mixing a few jokes here and there.

From the character roster, there are tons to choose from. Either good guys or baddies, anyone can join the fun. **There is even a head to head arcade mode, unlocked by completing a few missions in the game.** Once you clear more levels, they can then be replayed solo or against a buddy. With the armory, there is an immense collection of things you can build, if you have enough blocks collected.

**Blocks can be collected by taking down opponents, objects in the background, or just interacting with the world itself. There are even hidden mini challenges in each level. So there is never one simple play through, go back and you might find a different experience altogether.

For more fun, your armory can also be upgraded with air and land vehicles. Plus you can summon a horde of Clone Troopers (if you have a leader on your team, they can be assembled in a heartbeat!) It is insane just how many multi-functions this game truly has, every mission comes with options.

I really can't explain how insanely fun this game is. If you haven't played at least one of these crazy titles. This is a must own!

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