Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moving back and forth - the people behind E3

Looking over the E3 coverage, it seems that everyone wants something another has obtained before hand. No matter the format, there is always a battle over whom can label it, master it, or create it their own way. Sure its been this way for years, but the point being who can get it out the door first. What am I speaking of? For one, a lot of titles lately seem to carry the same theme. Or the price point is jumping all over the place because its exclusive.

A long time ago, some friends that hosted a show called held round table discussions covering A) the focus, B) the audience, C) what market , D) price point, and E) is it all worth it? I really miss shows like that covering every detail, where most are limited to breaks every five minutes. Here they had chats with developers, publishing insiders, focus group testers, and some from the ratings board. There was rarely a topic untouched, even by other shows like Electronic Playground (another awesome show) that gave viewers a behind the scenes look into the gaming industry most only read about in tech magazines.

E3 sorta took the format for granted these past ten years. I believe they are trying to bring back that side of the expo, given the coverage its a bit more open minded towards the journalists, insiders, booth presenters (in garb representing said title advertised) and the PR teams that keep everything going. From huge names, to the indie teams, all side by side in one big expo event that happens once a year.

Note: I have never been to E3, but read plenty from various sources in regards to what goes on, who's promoting what title, and the amazing people that make it happen. As far as a gaming console goes, that is just a hub to your digital escape, there is still a human element to make that title come to life.It may carry a label, but there is so much more some take for granted.

Here's to you, the unsung heroes and heroines of the gaming industry!

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