Sunday, June 9, 2013

E3 2013 - Is it real?

Welcome to E3 week: here's the lowdown
Sony's PS4 - premiere console, debut of the juggernaut to herald the future of Sony's gaming market.
Its main imperative it to carry over the PS3 userbase to its new format, and rejuvenation of the community.
Or it other words, its like comparing a sports car to a supercar.

Xbox One - Microsoft's new promise for their user base. New format, plenty of bells and whistles.
On the same level as the PS4.
**discussion of digital rights management with downloadable content vs user(s) rights to use of system
**this adaptation goes for both consoles

Wii-U - Nintendo's new bundle of joy, still working out the kinks. However its user base is slowly growing, unlike its past consoles not everyone is sold on the idea of its digital interface or price point. But on the plus side there are a bunch of yet soon to be shown titles at this year's event to produce more hype for the system.

3DS - Nintendo's other addition is currently doing alright vs Sony's PS Vita. Make that toppling its sales, and ease of functionality included with newly added content daily. Plus there are still titles yet to be released on crossed over platforms from the Wii-U with interactive connectivity. **a lot like the GB, GBA, and DS

PC - Never a slouch, our dear friend still survives on many titles. Still rivaling versus the great console battle, both indie titles and major releases have yet to push the newer markets to uncharted levels.

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