Friday, June 7, 2013

Next Gen Vs Current Gen

I can't believe as I'm writing this, that we are talking about another generation of game consoles. To be truthful I barely found an Xbox360-S at any local store, Level Up (a former local retailer) went belly up earlier this year. There is something the loss of a store that affects your subconscious. With Gamestop dominating, there are very few mom & pop indie shops left that can stand to their tough market. Although with a varied hiring jump, or freeze (I don't know what's going on anymore).

When Level Up closed up shop, I felt a bit concerned. A part of indie markets die with that insurrection. They had a unique take on profit, distribution, and display. I rarely see that at GS, maybe they should adapt to that similar format, more friendly, more open minded. (and maybe a better price gap) There are rarely many shops that can actually be more friendly to customers, instead of the cold fish approach.

Person to person aside, I met another gamer today. Just sharing what we enjoy about games, and the hit / miss category as of late. 1) Why are some titles so short? 2) Is renting better than buying? 3) Tired of price hikes! We could go all day, but she was on the clock, had a fun conversation over many topics. But that is what counts, interaction with others. Are we beginning to lose that?

I understand the advent of smart technology, but person to person was always my repertoire. I cannot conceive working with a machine, and not knowing who makes it happen. For E3 I hope the following gets covered:

State of the gaming market- classic / retro, shorter games = better experience?
What ever happened past 10+ hours of gameplay?
Will DLC and DRM take over the market for good with PS4 and One?
Can Nintendo still stand up against the rest?
Does the PC market have a fighting chance?

Another market that's bugged me forever is the multiplatform design. Sure its conceived to push one system over the other. But man does it tick some of us off when something we begin to love finds a better publisher else where. Plus there is a ton of titles at this year's E3 that will floor everyone. (and some hidden surprises!)

Note: some good friends of mine are awesome PR's, musicians, producers, directors, and cosplayers. (and many more) All I can say, is that I wish them a safe journey to the event.

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