Thursday, July 4, 2013

Breaking the fourth wall - oh I can see stuff

Welcome to episode II of my new column on this fun blog o' mine. This time I will cover a bit more detail and some videos from the web about this neat topic in storytelling. But wait there's more!

Metal Gear Solid Series - Back in Kojima's early days he wrote some pretty clever tales. Before the espionage, it was always about smart dialog. From characters interacting with the audience, to music cues, and bizarre moments that left us scratching our heads for years.

Prince of Persia - Sands of Time
Within the first game of the nextgen trilogy, there were several hidden items in each game. For one, a full dungeon map from the original game that began the series was found through one of the secret pathways.

Sonic Colors
Even the blue hedgehog's adventures have taken him and friends to far off places. In Colors, it is about a universal outer space theme park, and the mission to save the planet. But in the end, the creatures give their thanks in a unique way.

A gem of gaming, it brought back the fun creative side of storytelling. Oh but there's so much more that the Umbra Witch is capable of. Tons of fourth wall gaming easter eggs!

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