Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beats in my head (SF to KOF) Musical lines

A major aspect of arcade fighting games is music, it defines a character, stage, or an event. From guest character, to an epic boss fight, or a hidden surprise. No matter the genre, from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, KOF and many more they all had the backing of music to influence the gameplay design.

Over the years, many of these MMA games have pushed the boundary on concept, and a roster that would balance a players choice.The most daunting task of them all is the game's design itself. Whether pushed by a compelling story, or something short, simple and sweet.

In the beginning we were all motivated by a simple "beep, and boop" with the press start or insert quarters. After a time, it began to change, with so many new formats in sound design being developed. Capcom branded their sound type as CPS, SNK with Neo-Geo Sound format, and many more developers created their own unique sound variants.

Some examples - CPS (there are in fact 3 variant editions of their unique sound chip set):
*Street Fighter II - CPS1 Sound Test
*King of Fighters 94 OST - MVS Hardware
*Street Fighter Alpha/ Zero OST - CPS2 Sound Test
*Street Fighter III - Kunai Hailstorm (Ibuki music video)
*Street Fighter III - Sound Test (CPS3)
*King Of Fighters 99' OST (a bit more electronica + trance)
*King Of Fighters XI OST (Atomiswave)
*King Of Fighters Unlimited Match OST (AW)
*King of Fighters XIII OST (KOF System) SNKP/Atlus
*Super Street Fighter IV OST

So crank that volume and listen to some awesome tracks! Or find some you've never heard before!

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