Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gaming Treasures - Castlevania = Circle of the Moon

CV-COTM (GBA 2001)
KCET team production

Go go Vampire Killa!
So the premise of this outside entry is set sometime after Symphony. There is a time of rest for humanity, with no resurrection of Dracula in sight. Until a Succubus, along with Death take it upon themselves to bring back the monster from whence he came. The catch? There are no more Belmonts... or is there?

Taking the helm are two hunters, along with their instructor. Like all classic tales, their leader is sent away with the two fledgling students donning a rivalry to claim the title of "Vampire Hunter". Both are equally powerful, except they must pass the test by surviving many perils and the Castle itself.

DSS system - a dual card system of elemental's with Greek Gods implemented. These will give their wielder unstoppable powers unless they are used simultaneously with one another. Once used, they can defend, or unleash massive offensive techniques. (Sadly this is the only game in the series to use this technique.)

Retaining a more tougher difficulty level, this game will push you to many limits. From bracing versus challenging monsters, and dealing with very limited supply of healing items (unless you overclock your experience points!!) What makes it worthwhile to replay is a multitude of unlockable modes, from gaining more XP by attacking, healing recovery, or being able to shapeshift into other creatures. Or a hidden "God Mode"! **which is unheard of in the CV series.

As of late, there have been no other titles quite like this one. Although the recent 3D titles have tried to use elemental powers, it doesn't work the same as the card system. It becomes more of an attachment then an actual skill to equip and become useful. It is highly possible that the system could return in some format. But as far as the series overall, it is a fun yet lost adventure not all gamers might have had a chance to play in the past.

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