Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Meet the guys from A.I.M. they are friendly! (not) 
What if two worlds collided? An expansive universe, both filled with imagination, and dreams of wonder. Not too long ago DC Comics spun their world on its head with Lego. Now its Marvel's turn, within the expansive universe, anything can happen.

From the start, you are introduced to the vast world. Tag teaming with various heroes, a plot is afoot from the "Masters of Evil". Only one catch, the villain has acquired a mysterious power beyond time and space. Uniting for a cause, every enemy anyone has ever faced has joined the villains alliance. Now the heroes are called upon to save the world (maybe even the universe)

Interact and play -
It doesn't matter what character you choose, anyone you interact with (hero/villain) are added to your roster. From the vast Marvel universe, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and so on. The gang is all here. (*and so are a ton of easter eggs!) What mixes a bit of variety, is the ability to manipulate your environment, key areas are hinted depending on party members, or unique attributes needed to unlock hidden areas. *If a character can't be used, they will give you a hinted signal of "what?" Speaking of building, every level interior/exterior can adapt. If broken, it will aid you in your quest.

Why is it fun? Having the ability to manipulate your playing field, it is something everyone dreams of. What can help you, can be made with your imagination. Just this world is insanely bigger, and become anything you want. It is engaging, and will keep wanting to explore more.
Exploring the expansive SHIELD helicarrier

Random Sentinel Battle! Get Ready!

How awesome is this game!? Oh my stars and garters can't even measure it!
(This game is a must own, make it an Xmas gift!)

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