Friday, November 15, 2013

Castlevania - Lords of Shadows: Mirror of Fate

Developer: MercurySteam
Publisher: Konami / Kojima Productions
Release: 2013 (multi-platform)

Plotline: Ages ago, Gabriel journeyed to a far off place to vanquish evil, sadly he never returned as himself but a monster. Many years later, others took upon the quest, some lived, some died, others were too cursed. Down the line, it became family that took up the mantle to be heroes, to do battle with the monster. Whom they were unaware was in fact their great-grandfather.

Gameplay: From the beginning, players are introduced to the system with Gabriel (before his quest). Next up Simon is in the lead, following what his father (Trevor) left behind. Simon's goal is to reunite with his father, and bring him home. Each quest you are given is done in various stages, from a sleepy town, to inner walls of the Castle. As you progress, you can upgrade your skills, gear, armory, and much more.

Levels: From the start, it is a vast open area, although littered and torn. There is much to be explored, however you cannot reach some areas, so its best to return when you gain more skills. And each level is inter-connected with others, and some contain teleports that take you to-and-fro from other levels in your vicinity.

Music: Atmospheric, dark, and a bit more level like Lords of Shadows. Some contain a few recognizable hymns, including boss themes, and level bgm tunes that change the more you explore the vast world that the heroes are destined to change.

Overall, Mirror of Fate is an awesome chapter, told in various parts. Each connecting the heroes (like never before). In the past it was always about one hero, but herein there is more than one. A unique adventure like no other Castlevania before it, a must own. This title is available on the 3DS, and Live & PSNetwork (HD format). 

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