Friday, November 8, 2013

Castlevania - Lords of Shadows (Collector's Edition)

Developer(s): MercurySteam + Kojima Productions
Konami - Castlevania Project

Where it all began:
This is a new take on the origin of the series, following the hero Gabriel on a quest to conquer the evils periling mankind. Through a group only known as "the Order", supposedly given divine rights to banish evil creatures and dark powers that threaten existence. There is a catch though, this quest ends with the hero taking the gauntlet of a classic enemy we've battled for two decades.

By your divine hands:
Gabriel's mission from the start is to get from A to B, by getting through obstacles, enemies, and other perils. In other words, the classic formula every platformer has utilized since day one.
Armor - from the start it is pretty basic, capable of protecting our hero from a numerous amount of hits. However once your HP is wiped out, its game over.
Weaponry - Your Iron Cross (the precursor to the "Vampire Killer") is a blessed weapon, forged within holy armament in the shape of a cross, it holds many secret capabilities. At the beginning its capable of limited range attacks, vertical, horizontal, both air and ground attack combos. (later it can be fitted with various attachments that adorn it within, harnessing even more unique powers!)

In addition, you are able to carry various items, any of these can be assigned to the d-pad (later you will obtain more items, and can change them at any time if need be) From crystals, to fairies, and sub-weapons (axe, holy water, bible, etc)

Magic(s) - Light or Dark: A bit further into your journey, you will obtain the ability to harness both light and dark energy properties. (these can be reflected in your attacks as well, and subweapons)
Light: This can also regain lost health, and cause massive damage to enemies
Dark: Gives your attack a boost, depending on enemy it may take less HP away from them. Iron Cross and subweapons also gain a red hue
**If you see any oddly shaped adornments nearby, these are markers that can unlock alternate paths. Depending on the power source, Gabe will react to these respectively, if he flinches you aren't using the right one.

QTE - Quick Time Events:
I will make this a brief discussion, okay so awhile ago a classic arcade game named "Dragon's Lair" introduced timed moves. If you made a bad choice = death, or worst ways to go by mauling, traps, hazards, or utter defeat. Later a SEGA (TM) title named Shenmue updated the format corresponding to color buttons. Depending on what needed to be pressed, each button would respond to an action on screen.

Herein, it responds to the following:
Dazed enemies = counterattack + final blow (if used on guardians, sub-bosses, the timed option to wipe them out shows up in a circle, let it fill up then press any attack button to deliver a punishing blow) *a second attack button will dish out a special move!
On bosses, their weakpoints can be broken! However timed moves are crucial, or you might die!

Iron Cross: Your best buddy
This is your pal, it can slice, dice, chop, frappe' everything! *It can also be used to vault various spaces, from high to low areas, vaulting great distances, breaking stuff, and kicking major butt. **And can harness light and dark magic as well!

Other goodies? I won't give these away, but if you've played any past Castlevania games (or Metroidvania) in particular, you can obtain key armaments from bosses and that can aid you on your quest. Once obtained these can be used on various places you couldn't get to before. There are a multitude of these, and some techniques can also be powered up even further.
Oh the lands you'll see, and the monsters you will duel

I could get lost in here!
Journal entry about your character, and those encountered along the way. 

Also within this lovely collection:Reverie and Resurrection, the two extra chapters that complete the first chapter of Gabriel's dark journey into becoming the night.
Mirror of Fate HD: the recent entry in the new LoS saga, that takes part in the legacy of the Belmont clan. Form different perspectives, missions, and drives to put down the monster (who unknowingly is their great-grandfather). Trevor, Alucard, and Simon join in the neverending quest (although is it side by side?)
(review coming soon!)
Lords of Shadows II Demo: A teaser of what's to come for Gabriel's quest in redemption on becoming the monster. Reclaiming his right versus humanity, but what does his powers hold back from his lost soul? This is unlike any other game ever in the series.

The Stone Titan, a formidable boss (um she is huge!)

Can't beat this view, even when the world is falling apart
Towards the unknown we go

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