Monday, November 4, 2013

Castlevania - Dracula Re-examined

For the longest time I have wondered, "Who is Dracula?" History dictates the original was Vlad Tepes, a madman, mongrel, a cruel leader. Said to have been cursed, lost his love, lead a treacherous campaign of blood and tyranny. Although CV put a spin on the identity of our arch fiend the past decades. I believe it is not the same fellow, which is what Lords of Shadows examines in a unique light.

The Belmont connection:
Lament of Innocence, original CV, Symphony, and X all dished a unique origin story. But we only caught a glimpse of the count. (or then arch rival / enemy) But never developed who or what drove him to be such a monster. Lament did explore the possible transition of loss on both sides, pushing both hero and villain to the brink. X was a game of keep away until the last battle, which gradually connects to Symphony.

Lords of Shadow on the other hand turns the tables. Which gives a new chapter a whole new conclusion.
"Was it the Belmont's fault?" The castle needed a new master, thus he became the monster, not by choice but by his spirit. It is strange, such a journey could open so many possibilities in this new series. Is his heart pure or determined by darkness?

All heroes need a villain, however our new series establishes that differently. This by far is not the same CV we grew up with on the X86,NES,Genesis, and so on. Although we are juggling with a nextgen version of the series, it pushes the boundary we have never explored before. A series like CV can be redefined, gaining a new voice, a heart, and maybe even more.

I have battled my own conscience over LOS ever since the game was released. It was mainly because I read that the game was not complete, with two bonus chapters separate from the main game.I was so used to a finished CV title for years. Never have we had to juggle an unfinished adventure. I waited for awhile, upon hearing news that Lords of Shadows would be re-released with more than just the two extra chapters, but even additional content.

It has always been about storytelling, and I believe this CV series can take things further. Maybe even better than the past was capable of doing before.‎

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