Saturday, February 8, 2014

Catherine (PS3 / Xbox360)

(Persona Team) . Published by Atlus Team USA
2011 Release (PS3 . Xbox360)

What do sheep and two girls that look identical have in common? A unique experience titled Catherine. It is a trippy, fantastic puzzle that unravels through one lone hero (who has diverse nightmares). What do they mean? And what are these sheep!?

Seriously this game is bizarre, but ultimately fun, it never hesitates on being serious (even the in-game puzzle dialog will critique on a missed marker, or give tips to aid your mission) *btw there is a disembodied voice that seems to follow you too

Is it a love story? Honestly, it is a mixture of diverse storytelling, it is intense with choices being made, and interactivty. (wait what!?)
Well for one, say you go to a bar, get a text message. Reply, all is done right? Nah, in Cat, this system grades your behavior (and later consequences) even a rating with two baby angels / and the other devil if you act naughty.

Katherine / Catherine?
There are two women, they may have the same name but they are opposite from one another. It is up to you, noble hero to find your path. Destiny!!

If you missed this one, be sure to pick it up. (btw its rated M, so definitely not for the kiddos to be playing)

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