Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Final Fantasy XIII Series

Awhile back, various media outlets, and zines predicted that the FF series might end someday. But they weren’t aware how much staying power and vitality its kept in the past generation of consoles / and PC power. Even with the grasp in international markets, Final Fantasy has captured the hearts and minds of fans young and old.

XIII however is a unique saga, covering Lightning (and friends) journey of evolution, survival, and fighting for being different. But at its core, it also touches on the reality of who is chosen as a hero or heroine. Plus the impact of; what sides are up in arms over those who take arms, or capable of greater things.

I have always enjoyed FF for its type of storytelling, even seeing how far this chapter has gone. In three tiered fractures of a vast adventure that parallels time, and consequences that everyone Lightning becomes a part of.

Even more diverse is the amount of monsters, to vast environments that push the in-game engine to unknown capabilities. To be honest, I have never seen any other type of RPG series push its engine this far. In character design, monsters, and areas of exploration (including timelines).

But what really pushed the XIII chapter is its effect on the entirety of the FF universe. (for the longest time some all fans have pondered what is this connection?) Including the fact that time shifts within the trilogy (as if connected to Chrono Trigger, including the fact the producer of that game also is a part of the XIII series).

Speaking of the bizarre number, the group named Red XIII have been a part of FF since VII. Only known as a mysterious group; that finds itself locked to fate, tied to unknown circumstances connected to various timelines. *Including Kingdom Hearts, with key members of their organization unveiling themselves. (but no knows what side they’re truly on)
(**Gifted Fal’Cie or L’Cie? We might learn someday)

On that note, whatever platform you enjoy gaming on, whether console or pc, if you loved FF in the past, or new to the series. This is a fun rollercoaster ride worth taking. And it may even parallel some of the most engaging storyline’s in years to come.

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