Saturday, March 1, 2014

Castlevania - Lords of Shadow II (Game Review)

Castlevania – Lords of Shadows II
MercurySteam / Konami Core

“What Was Will Be”
T’was the beginning of the end, Gabriel became a nightmare, a “Creature of the Night”. However, driven by blood to change his destiny, finds himself lost to time itself. Now awakened in the “future”, perhaps fate can be changed.

“Belmont’s Blood”
First, the story unfolds from his awakening, to revisiting his past duels, and eventually his son’s “evolution”. Now in a battle for supremacy, over all those “holy alcolyte’s” Dracula is not alone, as his birthright, the Castle itself beckons (but due to his choices, everything changed). **Footnote, if you haven’t played LoS, the introduction will deliver enough to get you caught up in what’s happened so far.

“A Horrible Night for a Curse”
This is the first time, we fans ever get to play a full fledged Dracula. (no Soma Cruz does not count, although he does gain abilities, and depending on choices made could become the Count) However, this might be the lost “War of 99” we’ve been scratching our heads about. But the timeline in LoS2 is lost in time, bending supernatural with the dark shadows.

“What is a man, a pile of secrets?”
By design, LoS2 is more linear than its predecessor. Taking on a more darker tone, closely knit to titles like Prince of Persia – Warrior Within, and Tomb Raider Underworld. The in-game engine delivers a vast amount of detail at every turn. Even with a few touches of “Silent Hill” mixed for good measure. (**without giving too much away, the real world is actually unaware of your presence, so as you explore your new playground it too will begin to change, even with the involvement of the Castle seeking its master one more time.

“Music soothes the savage dhampeal”
Lords of Shadows I pushed a few buttons by attaining a full-fledged orchestral sound. Although there were some hints of classic tunes by various notes. In LOSII, even more songs find themselves mixed by haunting melodies, even in crashing crescendo’s in various bouts, and environments also share in this design. (But those with a listening ear will spot them, oh and btw a bat told various fans that there is some hidden involvement with more diverse sounds. So its possible even more familiar songs accompany this new chapter’s soundtrack.)

“Vampyre Killer”
For fans of the classic series, this game may be your cup of tea. Although it may not rely on the IGA asthetic, it kicks butt none the less. However, if you love CV in any form, and enjoy something new for a change. Then by golly LoSII is a breath of fresh air, mixing concepts of old and new. And by all means, make this game a must own in your collection.

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