Monday, July 21, 2014

Final Fantasy XIIILR - Retry

Fabula Nova Crystallis Team
Square Enix

Several years ago, the FF development team brought its fans a new chapter in the long running rpg series. Some were satisfied, others demanded more, thus they did their best to deliver more roller coasters. But as a community are we beginning to take things for granted?

Each chapter dealt with obstacles, (pt1 Uprising), (pt2 Turn Left), (pt3 The End?). There is no "happy ending, quest over", there are tons of consequences these heroes overcome to regain their existence.

From the start I was grabbed by FF going multiplatform, it was kept locked away on the Playstation for some time. Although VII branched out and brought in a new gen of fans, I was part of the original fanbase. And that's where I find myself now, in limbo over indulging with an FF tale again.

But I fathom over what some fans say about this trilogy. To be honest, I find myself connecting with each one, in unique ways. (For example: pt 2 surprised me by how dynamic Serah becomes a heroine, in a way more over her warrior sister.) Some of the fanbase still fusses over how weak her character flaws are, from design, attacks, and development. (Seems like some are never satisfied unless its what they want) I don't find her lacking at all, more of a spiritual growth, given how much they overcome their humanity.

Although it is a trilogy, they are expansive yet seperate tales that expand time, and generations. Allies who were one heroes, some venture towards darker territory. While in the 3rd entry, Lightning (on a solo quest) has become the savior of mankind. Given 500 years have passed, everything she sought to change is undone tenfold.

What I also enjoy about LR is the dynamic storyline, it doesn't wait for you to do a to b, you have to save every precious moment, or battle to tackle what's ahead. The entire in-game world is counting on Light to help find its path. But not everyone wants to be saved, some choices have major consequences. (if you reach a game over, that's it, but wait you get another chance, but a total do-over) Overall the time dilation reaches its climax of 13 in-game days. (XIII being the last)

Although this entry may wrap the XIII saga, it is not the end of the FF series altogether. However it does tie into other entries that we haven't yet explored. It is rare that RPG titles can take a chance in delivering dynamic storytelling, and unique characters to connect with. And I find myself developing a love for Light's quest, of humility versus all odds in saving what life means to her. That is a positive note worth sharing over anything.

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